Dallas Cowboys: The Four Quarters (Week 10 Edition)

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Dressed to the Nines…

If the Cowboys fail to find success or just choose to dismiss the idea in general, there is always that guy who wears number 9.  If you’re concerned about Drew Brees going bananas against the defense and getting into the 400 Club with the Mannings, Rivers and Stafford (which you should be), at least we know he has someone who can go toe to toe with him.  And if you think Romo isn’t capable or equipped to do so, here is your evidence to the contrary.

COMP/ATT   PCT     YARDS    TD-INT  RATING ROMO     229/346   66.2%    2,553     20-6    100.0 BREES    213/322   66.1%    2,672     21-7    104.5

Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws on the run in the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

These numbers are almost identical.  Plus, we saw Romo stand his ground in an epic duel against Peyton Manning earlier in the year.  Unfortunately, that ended up in a loss, which I also feel will be the case if the Cowboys do decide to go this route.  The silver lining in this however is that if the run game does fail, there is still a reason for hope.

The prediction: Cowboys 27, Saints 31

Now for the picks.  The first week in November was a better experience than any month in October.  Last week, I almost finished above .500 (yes, that’s how bad it was).  As this year continues, it is the favorites who have had the upper hand, as they are currently eight games over .500 going 68-60 against the spread.  With eight weeks to go, I need to get on a roll to have any chance at finishing with a winning record.  It’s time to get it going, as always, the home teams is in caps.

LAST WEEK: 6-7 (.462)
SEASON RECORD: 61-71 (.462)
THIS WEEK: 1-0 (1.000)

Jacksonville at TENNESSEE -12.5
Philadelphia at GREEN BAY +1.5
+3 Buffalo at PITTSBURGH
Oakland at N.Y. GIANTS -7
-4.5 Seattle at ATLANTA
-1 Cincinnati at BALTIMORE
-1 Detroit at CHICAGO
Carolina at SAN FRANCISCO -6
+3 Houston at ARIZONA
-7 Denver at SAN DIEGO
+7 Dallas at NEW ORLEANS
-2.5 Miami at TAMPA BAY