Cowboys Snatch Defeat From Victory Once Again

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Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

4.  Brandon Carr – If you want to blame a player, I would say Brandon Carr is a good candidate.  After two very solid games where he shut down the opponent’s best receiver, he was completely overmatched with Megatron.  Most DBs are – but teams figure out ways to help with a safety over the top or other schemes.  Carr was left on his own to cover arguably the league’s best receiver far too often.  On the Lion’s first touchdown, you have to wonder what the coaches were thinking – or for that matter what Carr was thinking – when they played off of Calvin with the ball at the Dallas 2.  That was just inviting them to throw the slant and they did.  That was just too easy.  Was that a bad defensive call?  A mix up?  What responsibility does a player have in a situation like that to adjust his position based on what you know is coming?  I can’t answer that, but Carr has played enough football to know you can’t line up like that.  He didn’t even try to disguise it by playing up and then dropping off.  Too easy.  And, it was like that most of the day.