Dallas Cowboys Practice Observations From Mark Lane

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Our very own Mark Lane visited Dallas Cowboy training camp at the newly named AT&T Stadium and asked me to help him recap what he saw at practice. Using his tweets, you will be able to get an idea how practice went and what players stood out to him. Below his tweets will be any additional comments that I decided to add in.

Tony Romo started the day off hot in team drills. 7/7 means that he completed 7 out of his first 7 passes. Very impressive, even if it is only in practice.

Interesting. This team rarely uses trick plays. Will we see more out of them with Bill Callahan calling plays?

Nothing new here. The cornerbacks in camp have struggled mightily with Dez Bryant. Their isn’t a corner in the league that can match-up with him one on one. And yes, that even includes Darrelle Revis.

This is something that we need to see on Saturday from both Escobar and Orton. Escobar needs to be targeted often to show if he can be a reliable receiving threat for Dallas this year.

Injuries are killing this team. It reminds me of what Danny White told The Landry Hat last week: “The Cowboys’ biggest problem is staying healthy.” For more about the Cowboys’ quarterback, who played with the team from 1976-88, click here. I highly encourage you to check out Danny White’s website and see what dannywhite.com has to offer.

This is encouraging. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant have seemed to be on the same page since the start of camp. Hopefully this carries over to the regular season.

See what I mean?

This just made me laugh. Does anyone really like him?