To Reclaim Castle, Cowboys Must Oust Giants


What would be the most fitting nickname for Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX entering its 5th year of service?

A)  The House That Jerry Built

B)  The Death Star

C)  Giants Stadium – South

D)  Coughlin’s Texas Time-Share

E)  Manning’s Arlington Mansion

If you answered C, D, or E…you are definitely a suffering Cowboys fan, and have every right to be…suffering.


Following 4 grueling showdowns in Cowboys Stadium since 2009, the NFC East division rival Giants firmly hold the upper hand over the hometown Cowboys, to put it very mildly.

Not only do they unanimously hold scoreboard, they insultingly (with much public disdain) claim symbolic OWNERSHIP of the Cowboys’ billion dollar Arlington mansion.

More specifically, Eli Manning not Jerry Jones, lavishes in his rule as the unofficial king of the castle.  With 1,228 passing yards and 9 TD’s, Manning may just have a legal claim to the deed.

It’s extremely difficult to bypass the fact that Dallas overall is an unimposing 17-15 (1-0 playoffs) since occupying their new palace.

Yet the overwhelming black hole in Cowboys Stadium is the harsh reality no team in the league has embarrassed and dominated the hometown Cowboys like their detested Northern rival.

With 4 heartbreaking losses in as many attempts against the Giants in Arlington, the annual thorn in the Cowboys’ side is one opening day win away from sweeping Dallas at their own house for half a decade.

These Northern occupiers are far from humble about their triumphant domination.  Annually, during game week, they are more than happy to boast to the media about their ownership of Jerry’s house, and how they will continue to reign supreme.

Let’s take a look at some of the agonizing details from each loss to the Giants in Cowboys Stadium since 2009.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2009

The first game ever played by the Cowboys in their brand new, glamorous resort

Dallas took a 31-30 lead with 3:40 left in game (Felix Jones 7-yard TD run)

NYG drove the field, consumed the clock, and kicked a 37-yard FG while time expired

Dallas held the advantage in first downs, total yards, and even TD’s (NYG kicked 4 FG’s and had INT for TD)

Tony Romo threw 3 INT’s, one for pick-6, and Dallas lost the stadium opener 33-31

“33–31′ First win in the new stadium” — wriiten by Eli Manning on visitors’ locker room wall

OCTOBER 25, 2010

NYG won T.O.P. by 15 minutes, dominated total yards 497-254

Ahmad Bradshaw (rushing), Hakeem Nicks, and Steve Smith all logged 100+ yards

Giants’ top 3 WR’s combined for 249 yards and 4 TD’s (all 3 players scored)

Tony Romo suffered vicious, season-ending tackle, breaking his clavicle in 2nd quarter

NYG win in brutal, dominating fashion 41-35 (much worse than final score indicates)

DECEMBER 11, 2011

Both teams put on an offensive clinic with 954 combined yards (705 passing yards)

Manning and Romo played lights out, totaled 705 yards, 6 TD’s, and 1 INT (Manning)

Dallas gained a 12-point, 34-22 lead with 5:41 remaining (Dez Bryant 50-yard TD)

Giants took 3-point lead by scoring 2 straight TD’s (final 2-point conversion) in under 5 minutes of play

With 6 seconds left at Giants’ 29 yard line, Giants block game tying field goal to win 37-34

OCTOBER 28, 2012

Dallas dominated first downs 28-11, owned total yards 434-293, and TD’s 3-1

Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, and Miles Austin combined 32 catches, 410 yards

Down 29-24 with 16 seconds, Dez Bryant 37-yd TD reception overturned, ruled his hand touched back of endzone

With 1 second left from Giants 27, Tony Romo incomplete pass to Jason Witten

On the day Tony Romo threw 4 INT’s, was sacked 4 times, and Dallas lost 29-24


Just reliving those 4 years of agony caused my stomach to turn.  Every single year was a nightmare of a different nature.  Two final-second, heart-breaking failures.  2 games decided on a final FG attempt…NYG made their FG, Dallas had their attempt blocked.

Tony Romo suffered a season-ending injury in a loss which lead to the mid-season firing of HC Wade Phillips and replacement with current HC Jason Garrett.  It seemed like one awful tragedy violently struck after another.  The pain was immeasurable.

Forget looking further ahead in 2013, the Giants are perched atop our golden thrown.  They are loving the easy life in our lavish castle and have been for 4 straight years since the palace opened its gates.  It’s time to send in the Blue and Silver Knights of the Round Table and not only defend our star, but emphatically wrestle it away from the Northern invaders.

This is Texas after all, act like true Dallas Cowboys.  Protect your land, fight for your honor, and defend your loyal kingdom.

It’s time to boot these so-called Giants out of our land and return to past glory.  It is no longer acceptable to succumb to these brash, cocky tyrants.

The days of serving these deli dwellers their annual buffet of corned beef sandwiches are over, it’s high time we show these boys what it’s really like to trample into a down-home Texas BBQ.

September 8, 2013…Sunday night…defend our legacy, defend our land, defend your faithful followers who defended you throughout the agony.  Reclaim the castle, like true Cowboys.