Dallas Cowboys Fans: Where Were You When…?


There is only so much roster breakdown and speculation one can do before you find yourself repeating the same thing everyone else has said. This is what has happened to this point in the Dallas Cowboys’ offseason. Players aren’t out getting into trouble (knock on wood). There isn’t even that much being said on the major sports networks about the Cowboys. So why don’t we relive a few of the greatest plays in Dallas Cowboys history to help pass the time?

Watching Cowboys games for people like me is like cementing memories in my personal history. When something memorable happens, good or bad, the details seem to sink in just as much as the moment itself. Where I was, who was with me, even what I was eating can surface just by reliving a Cowboys’ moment. So as I list a few of my personal favorites, think of where you were when these moments took place.

The Dynasty Begins- The Dallas Cowboys, playing in the NFC Championship game were pitted against the San Francisco 49ers in Candlestick Park. The hostile environment, and the fact that this year’s squad wasn’t even suppose to make it this far, made the stakes seem higher than they already were. Alvin Harper was getting all the balls thrown his way and Michael Irvin was displeased to say the least. After Irvin insisted the two switch sides before the ball was hiked Harper caught a deep post route and took it 46 yards down to the 49ers 19 yard line. Kelvin Martin caught a touchdown pass three plays later and the rest is history. Dallas would go on to win the Super Bowl in three of the next four years and a dynasty was born.

This moment is particularly memorable for me for the simple fact that my brother and I grew up as bitter rivals when it came to the team we rooted for. He was a 49ers fan and I obviously loved the Cowboys. This was when the change of the guard took place in my house. I was sick of hearing about how good the 49ers were and how he didn’t see an end in sight to their dominance. Needless to say the first half of the 90’s was a good time for me.

Emmitt Smith’s Toughness Is Cemented- With so much riding on the final game of the season in 1994 between the Cowboys and the New York Giants it’s hard to pass over all of that happened that day, but one moment stands out more than the rest. Emmitt Smith took a hard tackle and suffered a separated shoulder. This injury should have knocked him out of the game and even possibly out of the up coming playoffs. With a division game, and a first-round bye, on the line Smith showed what the definition of grit and determination is and carried his team to victory.

Growing up watching the triplets my favorite of the three by far was Troy Aikman. What little kid doesn’t love a quarterback, especially one that leads America’s team. After watching Smith’s performance I developed a true appreciation for what it takes to be great.

Move Over ‘Sweetness’- An almost routine 11-yard run moved Emmitt into greatness when he surpassed Walter Payton the all-time rushing list. The Seattle Seahawks squawked at Smith all day, telling him he wasn’t going to get the record on their watch. Even with them focusing the majority of their attention on him he found a way like he always had.

This was a bitter-sweet moment for me. I knew Emmitt was getting close to breaking the record and unfortunately I was out of the country when this beautiful moment took place. I’ll never forget hearing the news from a fellow Cowboys fan and then going through the full gambit of emotions, from overwhelming joy and a bit of depression for missing greatness unfold.