Dallas’ Disappointing Draft


This thing went downhill pretty fast.  Starting with the Decision to trade first round picks with the 49ers for nothing more than an additional pick in the third, you could already sense a collective eyebrow raise from Cowboy’s fans.

Dec. 4, 2011; Glendale, AZ, USA; Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones (left) and owner Jerry Jones prior to the game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I was talking to a friend of mine just two days before the draft about how Dallas should be looking to trade down, if that trade could bring them an additional mid to late second round pick.

When I heard the announcement that Dallas had traded down 13 spots for a close to mid third round pick I was a little disappointed.  Dallas apparently dealt down because the people that we wanted for our positions of need were already gone.  The 49ers used our 18th pick to draft safety Eric Reid…. -wait a minute, didn’t we need a safety?

Instead, we dropped down to 31 and took Travis Frederick (C), who was projected by most to last into the third round.  I have to think that we could have gotten Reid with our first pick to address the need at safety, and still easily have taken Frederick with our second, or possibly third round pick.

Taking Frederick with our second round pick would have cost us tight end Gavin Escobar, but why do we need another catching tight end?  I’m not saying the guy doesn’t have talent, I’m just saying it’s talent we don’t need.  If anything we should have been looking for a blocking tight end.

I have to say the worst thing about the entire trade down debacle, was the reaction from Cowboy’s fans in attendance.  I was truly embarrassed as I watched a bunch of idiots in Cowboy’s colors booing our team, and even worse, it’s newest member.  I have no patience for disgraceful fans such as these and I wish they would find a team with fans more like minded…..say, Philidelphia.

With our third pick, we took wide receiver Terrance Williams.  I can kind of see that.  I don’t feel that Austin has ever returned to form of his breakout season that resulted in his oversized contract.  We need someone to compliment Dez Bryant in a more consistent manner, but I’m not sure if this guy is it, not for at least a few seasons anyway.

Our fourth pick went to safety JJ Wilcox, who I was not half as impressed with as Eric Reid.  This guy may eventually be developed into a real contributor, but again, I don’t think that will be for several seasons.  This guy only has one season at safety under his belt currently.  Wasn’t Jerry saying something about the window of opportunity closing?

Cornerback BW Webb was a good grab for our 5th pick, but again, I feel like we have much more glaring needs elsewhere.  We seem to be drafting backups when we need starters in other positions.  I realize some of that couldn’t be helped with all the offensive linemen that fell off the board in the top ten, but I was still hoping to feel much better than I do in the aftermath of this draft.

Joseph Randle, a running back and our 6th pick of the draft is a good pick to me.  Although I typically think it’s nice to have a hard running, big bruiser of a running back to compliment someone like Murray, I am optimistic to see how 2 speedy backs would do for us at wearing out the defense.  God knows they better be quick, they have no one to block for them.

Our 7th pick, Devonte Holloman, is a linebacker and our second pick of this draft that ended his college career in a different position than he started.  He is a solid player, but yet again, in a position that is not a dire need.

Overall, I find myself considerably underwhelmed.  We still desperately need more help at offensive line, and as of Saturday night, have yet to even address the position in undrafted free agency (not that there is a good chance of finding an answer there).

My biggest concerns heading into this draft were the O-line and safety.  I think we could have gotten a better safety, and a better value on our pick at center.  I have to hope those at Valley Ranch have something up their sleeve, but at this point I really don’t feel any more optimistic than I did at the end of last season.