The Dallas Cowboys Should Think QB For the Future


The Dallas Cowboys despite signing Tony Romo to a 6 year extension need to realize and perhaps think about drafting a quarterback for the future.  Romo just turned 33 years old and if his play at 32 was erratic as it was, can you imagine him at 33?  Historically, quarterbacks do not necessarily improve after a certain age.  Bottom line is that we may not see better play out of a 33 year old Romo.  Things we might start seeing are: less mobility and more of a pocket passer, less zip on the ball, and overall performance starts to dip.

The Cowboys should really look at drafting a quarterback for the future.  This draft class is not overflowing with quarterbacks but they aren’t looking too bad as a class either.

I have mentioned Landry Jones as a possible draft choice in earlier articles.  Jones has the accuracy of a Troy Aikman but we need a quarterback with some mobility.  Landry lacks the speed and mobility needed in today’s prototype quarterback.  He can run an offense effectively but awareness of a rush is low.

Jan 26, 2013; Mobile, AL, USA; Senior Bowl south squad quarterback Tyler Wilson of Arkansas (8) prior to kickoff of a game against the Senior Bowl north squad at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Another quarterback that the Cowboys could pick up in the upcoming draft is Tyler Wilson, a player I am high on as a Dallas Cowboy.  Jerry Jones will like him because he is an Arkansas product, but alma mater aside this kid is a future quarterback in the NFL.  Working this quarterback into the lineup over a couple of seasons would be a perfect fit for Dallas and Wilson.  His accuracy and mobility are there, he distributes the ball well among the receivers, confident, has a good work ethic and the intangibles to be a quality quarterback for the silver and blue.

Matt Barkley out of USC would be another good quarterback but he lacks some things that the Cowboys desperately need in a quarterback.  Considering the play of the offensive line, we need a mobile quarterback and Barkley doesn’t fit the bill.  He is a good pocket pass as well as being book smart but he is coming off of a shoulder injury from the previous football season.  One other thing I like about Barkley is his experience, started 4 years at USC and was a 4 year starter in high school.

Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray is the last quarterback that I would consider for the ‘boys.  Geno Smith of West Virginia and Florida State’s EJ Manual are not players I would consider.  Smith is a first rounder and Manual needs a lot more work than the Cowboys have time for.  Bray is close on that list of needing work.  His decision making needs work as well as accuracy, he has a problem throwing interceptions so he would definitely be a project player that would need several seasons to get him to where he would need to be as an NFL quarterback.  The upside is his potential to get to that point.  He has a cannon for an arm, has good pocket presence, good deep ball thrower, he has some experience running a pro-style offense.

In my opinion, Tyler Wilson seems to be the best bet for the Cowboys.  Drafting Wilson in the 3rd or 4th round would be good.  Dallas would be able to fulfill many needs with their first three picks in getting a safety, offensive lineman, or a defensive lineman.  Either way, the Cowboys must prepare for the future with having an aging Tony Romo; relying on his numbers to improve just because he has gotten a mega-contract doesn’t mean that he will.