Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft 3.0: The Finale


5 days until the most anticipated day in an NFL Fan’s offseason. It is also going to be the biggest day in many college players lives up to this point. The day itself will surely bring cheers and jeers depending on what teams do with their selections. I believe in the BPA approach but with a team with so many needs like our beloved Dallas Cowboys; it would not be a stretch to gain a grey hair or two if this team were to select a Geno Smith at 18.

Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell introduces Morris Claiborne (LSU) as the number six overall pick to the Dallas Cowboys in the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

In the weeks leading up to the Draft, I have a sense that The Dallas Cowboy’s would like to acquire some more picks. I don’t necessarily believe this team will trade away from good players but if the Top 5 Offensive Linemen are gone at this point, trading down in the 1st could be an option for The Dallas Cowboys. I don’t see this team sitting with 6 picks; in fact after losing out on a 2nd rounder last season to acquire Morris Claiborne; I think Jerry Jones would like to have at least 2 picks in what many have called the “sweet spot” of this year’s draft. With that in mind unlike the few Mocks I have posted before, I want to take a stab at The Draft Value Chart and add some anticipated trades for this 2013 Dallas Cowboy Roster. Without further ado, The Dallas Cowboys are on the clock:


Cincinnati Bengals Call: “We would like a shot at Vaccaro, can we switch our 1st Round picks and we’ll throw in pick 53. Jerry Take’s It! Now we have 21, 47, and 53 plus the Cowboys just gained 180 points in Value.

With the 21st Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Dallas Cowboys Select Defensive Tackle Sheldon Richardson from Missouri:  

This plugs in a day 1 starter who has started to slip because of Star Lotulelei’s positive news regarding his health. I know I have been preaching Offensive Line all along, but I sense the Big 5 are going to be gone at this point and The Dallas Cowboys could use a nasty guy to plug in at the 3-Tech, enter Richardson.



Dallas Cowboys trade Defensive End Anthony Spencer for 43rd and 73rd picks, Dallas now has 43rd, 47th, and 53rd picks in Round 2!

With the 43rd pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Dallas Cowboys Select Safety Eric Reid from LSU:

Eric Reid brings a different type of attitude to this Defense, where Sensabaugh was a solid player, Reid has better ball skills and could become a staple in Monte Kiffin’s Tampa 2 Defense. A once battered and empty backfield now shows promise. Enter Eric Reid.


With the 47th Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Dallas Cowboys Select Offensive Guard Larry Warford from Kentucky:

Very underrated in this Draft, but could almost certainly be a starter for years to come, he’s big, he’s a mauler, and he’s got attitude; that’s more than you could say for Nate Livings whom he most certainly would be replacing. Enter The War Zone!


With the 53rd Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Dallas Cowboys Select Defensive End Alex Okafor from Texas:

I get it, I liked Spencer too, but the value was good and we also unloaded some cash. Okafor will compete with Crawford, but Okafor plays with a ton of power and can really get up the field. He also has run stopping ability due to his consistent awareness of the location of the ball. He’s speedy and can knock blockers on their rears mighty quick. He’s not Spencer day 1, but Spencer was a 1st round pick who “almost” became a bust.




With the 73rd Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Dallas Cowboys Select Running Back Le’Veon Bell from Michigan State:

I’ve been high on this cat for a while; Teams in the NFL nowadays have to get as much production out of their back as possible. With the shelf life of theses runners being so short, it is imperative to have another guy in place. DeMarco Murray has a history of getting injured, and when he does this Offense forces Tony Romo to do too much, when Romo is doing too much…bad things happen. This running game needs a revival. Can someone pass the defibrillator?! Enter a quality back that can carry the load, enter Le’Veon Bell.

With the 80th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Dallas Cowboys Select Center Barrett Jones from Alabama:

Bryan Broaddus may not be high on Jones, but I certainly am. The first thing that came to mind when watching the National Championship this year was, “The Cowboys need to get this guy.” It’s unfortunate that his stock lowered due to his injury, but I believe he could become a staple on this line. Jones has everything you want in a player: toughness, versatility, power, and intelligence. This guy can play all positions on the line, in the 3rd he’s a no brainer. Enter Barrett Jones.



With the 114th Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Dallas Cowboys Select Safety JJ Wilcox from Georgia Southern:

I had to follow Broaddus’ advice here and look at this kid’s tape. He kind of reminds you of Matt Johnson but with a little more rawness to him. What does he do? He makes tackles and is a fly around the ball. He has initial quickness and could really booster the position and secondary for this Tampa 2 Defense, because he is a Single High Safety, this team could use him well. Enter JJ Wilcox.



With the 151st Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Dallas Cowboys Select Defensive Tackle Bennie Logan from LSU:

All signs point to the Cowboys taking a liking to Logan; he fits this scheme ultimately well because he has a great motor and is exactly the type of guy Garrett looks for. This team is going to need Defensive Tackles and especially a 1-Tech now that Brent is facing possible jail-time. Finding a Defensive Tackle with size and potential like Logan in the 5th is as sweet as can be. Enter Bennie Logan



With the 185th Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Dallas Cowboys Select Defensive End David Bass from Missouri Western State:

Bass has the ability to be a solid player at the next level. His natural speed and arm-length can give fits to opposing offensive linemen. Coaches speak highly of his production and work ethic. He is a constantly motivated person and has a great motor. He could be on the Cowboys radar, because Monte Kiffin is trying to add some young disruptive players to this Defensive Front, especially with facing Quarterbacks like RGIII and Michael Vick twice each.


I realize that my last Mock is insane with trades and other things, but I used the Draft Value Chart when making these picks, and it makes you think. Besides, if this is how the Cowboys’ Draft turned out, I would feel pretty good about this year’s crop. I’ve been saying all along that this Draft is very important, it would be nice if the Cowboys could replicate the success of the 2005 Draft. Now, with that said The Dallas Cowboys maybe in the market for a Free Agent Tackle and my last article stated clear who has my vote. 5 days away people, get pumped full of optimism, drink it all in because OTA’s will soon begin and Football will be back!