Dallas Cowboys Get Smart


The Free Agency period began on Tuesday and many of the big names are signed, sealed, and delivered to their respective new owners. The Dallas Cowboys began Free Agency with 175k below the cap, and all things are quiet on The Valley Ranch Front. There have been a few rumors here and there regarding possible interests to fill the 2013 squad but nothing more than that, rumors.

Just like with everything Cowboys related, some are not too keen on the idea of not being major players in the overspend sweepstakes of the year. Many have voiced their frustrations with the franchising of Anthony Spencer and the slow negotiations with Tony Romo. The recent re-worked deal of Tom Brady has fans filled with demands of a similar case for the quarterback with the blue star on his helmet.

Dec 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) in the huddle against the New Orleans Saints at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The fact of the matter is that Tony Romo doesn’t owe this team anything. Tom Brady has a wife that grosses $100 million dollars a year, Tony doesn’t  Tom Brady will be 36 by opening day and already has cashed in quite well, Tony won’t and hasn’t  Tom Brady is given extra attention to his Offensive Line and not relied on to make magic with his feet. You get the point here? Tony Romo deserves to cash in at this point for the sake of his family and future. If these executives are wise, things will end up accordingly.

Now onto the real topic of this week’s article; I believe The Dallas Cowboys are being very smart right now. There is a common theme that tends to happen when you overpay to riddle your team with Free Agents that this organization is well aware of after succumbing to it themselves every so often; it usually hurts in the end. Teams will break the bank to find every last penny for a Nnamdi Asomugha or a Mario Williams. The percentage of the player living up to the contract they receive is slim to none.  My case in point is Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie being snagged by Philadelphia with the notions of a “Dream Team”; 2 years later they were unloaded on the 1st day of Free Agency.

The Dallas Cowboys are not going to pull the trigger until these players start getting desperate for a team to play on. This team will get a deal done with Romo, and hopefully get a deal with Anthony Spencer; but for those looking for excitement, start looking forward to The Draft. The only way this team is going to be set-up for success this year is by drafting well. I’m not implying that this team won’t find some decent role players or a veteran that will suit this team well, but they are trying to get younger and more affordable.

The powers at be understand that with the restructures they have executed just to get under the cap, they will have to pay later. That is precisely the reason they don’t want to continue that habit in the future. In a couple years, this team will most likely be resigning Lee, Bryant, Murray, Smith, and others. No team wants to lose that caliber of players.

The past few years since the dreadful 2009 draft, this team has done a good job at not only drafting better but also finding gems in other team’s garbage cans. The draft is a mere 42 days away and it’s going to be an exciting time for the fans of The Dallas Cowboys. Something tells me that these guys may be looking to collect more picks in a draft that offers depth at every position in need. I have restored faith in these scouts to not let another disaster like 2009 happen again. Another thing that should give fans solace is the emergence at the end of the year of players like Bryant, Carr, Harris, Moore, and others. For the first time in a while it seems they may have found their 3rd Receiver.

The competition this summer is going to be fierce, I’m not predicting this team will be injury-free and soar to the playoffs but before we start shuffling our feet and dragging our lips, let’s “hold-out” a minute and see what the next few months have in store. It’s not all over, there are still plenty of 2nd tier Free Agents out there that will need a new home, and there is the Draft to look forward too as well. If this year brings a few good men on the Offensive Line, I know most fans will be stoked.