Dallas Cowboys 2013: “The Play Is The Thing.”


Since the off season began, there has been no question posed more times at Valley Ranch than that of “who is going to be the offensive play caller?” It has been the hot button question and has been posed on every major sports outlet when referencing The Dallas Cowboys. Folks, the truth of the matter, it doesn’t matter.

Most pundits were infuriated after Jason Garrett’s recent press conference in which he introduced his Coaching Staff for the 2013 Campaign. After being asked numerous times, the media left the room with no definitive answer for the most over-hyped question to ever hit The Cowboys Organization. Some of the media members were so flabbergasted that they immediately took to their articles with disdain for Garrett. In my opinion, it was a fitting dance around the subject and just made me chuckle.

Aug 25, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan on the sidelines with head coach Jason Garrett during the first half against the St Louis Rams at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The local Dallas Media needed a definitive answer to finish their everlasting Jerry Jones Meddler Extraordinaire Resume. It seems more certain every day that this media is a circus that unfortunately in turn puts spotlights upon unworthy material. No other team’s reporters put that much emphasize on matters so minute.

It doesn’t matter whose voice is on the microphone in Tony Romo’s ear; what matters is the execution of the play that is called upon the field. Since Garrett has been at the helm the last 6 years, the worst this team has ever finished in total offense is 13th, however four of those six years this team has finished in the top 10. In 2012, The Cowboys finished with the 6th best offense, and that is remarkable considering how Romo was sacked 36 times and threw 19 interceptions.

Albeit, Garrett has had some head scratching clock management issues which is product of being a Head Coach/ Offensive Coordinator type. Now before I sound like a proponent for keeping Garrett as the play caller let me assure you I’m not; however I believe the execution has been the major flaw that has plagued this team recently. Execution can be affected by many intricacies; however the one that stands out most in this case is talent.

This team is talented in many skill positions, but as a unit whether on defense or offense they have failed in certain situations. Injuries can affect the cohesiveness of any unit, but it can’t be construed as an excuse. The fact is The Cowboys have had problems in the middle of this Offensive Line, problems that loomed large in the losses that occurred this past season. There were times where this team put up nice showings against Baltimore and others where Romo was getting destroyed like he was against Cleveland.

Execution can also be a product of coaching, and nobody should excuse that portion of the problem either, Callahan can coach all he wants but if there isn’t talent in the right spot it just won’t work. This team will have some difficult decisions to make in the next few weeks but one thing is certain their workload will begin at the line of scrimmage. Too many times this year we would see the original game plan scrapped and Tony Romo is out there running for his life and trying to make miracles happen. This has to be rectified.

The recipe for success is not always perfect, this team doesn’t have to have 1st round talent at every position; they just need to get better at their execution. William Shakespeare once said “The play is the thing.” Those words ring true and can be applied to The Dallas Cowboys this year. After all, nobody will be talking about the play caller if this team fails to make the playoffs again, so regardless if Garrett keeps calling plays or Callahan gets the gig, the only thing that matters is results.