Landry Hat Mock Draft 2.0 – Cowboys Lock up DT

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11. San Diego Chargers  – Keenan Allen – WR – California (Previous: Eric Fisher – OT – Central Michigan)
Phillip Rivers has struggled the last two years without a go to receiver. Management made Vincent Jackson mad while playing there and then shipped him good bye. To get Rivers back on track he needs a go to receiver he can trust. Allen is one of the faster receivers in the Draft, and also has the best hands of the group. To pass on him here, would leave San Diego with a terrible situation at the WR position.

Other Possibilities: Johnathan Cooper – G – North Carolina, Barkevious Mingo – DE – LSU, Ezekial Ansah – DE – BYU

12. Miami Dolphins – Kenny Vaccaro – S – Texas (previous: Keenan Allen – WR – California)
The Dolphins secondary struggled last year. They traded away Vontae Davis prior to the season, so they need help anywhere they can get it in the secondary. Vaccaro is the best defensive back left on the board and has the coverage skills to deal with the offenses in the AFC East.

Other Possibilities: Barkevious Mingo – DE – LSU, Sheldon Richardson – DT – Missouri, Johnathan Hankins – DT – Ohio State

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sheldon Richardson – DT – Missouri (Previous: Johnathan Cooper – G – UNC)
The Buccaneers has gerald McCoy finally break through the mold, but they still need more help at the defensive tackle position. Head coach Greg Schiano likes tough players and to assert dominance over the other team. Richardson definitely can assert his dominance and there is no better place to set the tone than on the defensive line.

Other Possibilities: Desmond Trufant – S – LSU, Xavier Rhodes – CB – Florida State, Johnathan Banks – CB – Mississippi State

14.  Carolina Panthers – Sharrif Floyd – DT – Florida (Previous: Johnathan Hankins – DT – Ohio State)
The Panthers struck gold with the pick last year of Luke Kuechley. Now they need to continue the defense with inside tackles. Sharrif Floyd has been making strides up the draft boards. Floyd has great quickness off the ball, but if very raw at the position. if the Panthers can teach him to stay low, he can be a great pass rusher in the NFL from the tackle spot.

Other Possibilities: Johnathan Hankins – DT – Ohio State, Eric Reid – S – LSU, Desmond Trufant – CB – Washington

15.  New Orleans Saints – Barkevious Mingo – DE/OLB – LSU (Previous: Xavier Rhodes – CB – FSU)
The Saints had one of the worst defenses in all of football in 2012. The have decided to make the switch to the 3-4 defense, so they will need to get an outside linebacker that can rush the passer. Mingo fits the mold perfectly. He will be a converted DE from college, so he will have to learn coverage skills, but his abilities serve as a guide that he will pick it up very quickly.

Other Possibilities: Johnathan Banks – CB – Mississippi State, Sam Montgomery, DT – LSU, Eric Reid – S – LSU

16.  St. Louis Rams – Lane Johnson – OT – Oklahoma
St. Louis had one of the worst offensive lines in all of football. They got dominated by great pass rushers and pressure defenses all season. They still have so much invested in Sam Bradford and he is as fragile as they come when we talk about quarterbacks. Johnson fits the mold of an offensive linemen with a big frame and long arms, but he is raw with the skills. He will need to do work to be a solid right tackle, but he has the ability to reach a decent level and keep rushers from injuring the star QB in St. Louis.

Other Possibilities: Johnathan Cooper – G – North Carolina, Eric Reid – S – LSU, Desmond Trufant – CB – Washington

17.  Pittsburgh Steelers – Johnathan Hankins – DT – Ohio State (Sheldon Richardson – DT – Missouri)
The Steelers are always looking for versatile linemen. They need to cut a lot of cap room to get below the salary cap number so guys like Brett Kiesel and Casey Hampton may be on their way out. Hankins has great feet for a defensive tackle and is a better run defender than pass defender. He has the ability to play both inside and outside, so he would fit the Pittsburgh defense perfectly.

Other Possibilities: Johnathan Cooper – G – North Carolina, Sylvester Williams – DT – North Carolina, Cordarrelle Patterson – WR – Tennessee

18. Dallas Cowboys – Sylvester Williams – DT – North Carolina (Previous: Sam Montgomery – DE – LSU)
The Cowboys are going to open the season with a new defensive strategy. It seems the prerequisite for defensive tackle in Dallas has been getting caught for DUI. They have lost both Josh Brent and Jay Ratlif to “Johnny Law” in the past year. This leaves them with a huge hole at the defensive tackle position. Williams is a space eater that shows a tendency to attack double teams and can help free up the linebackers to make plays.

Other Possibilities:  Johnathan Cooper – G – North Carolina, Eric Reid – S – LSU, Sam Montgomery – DE – LSU

19. New York Giants – Xavier Rhodes – CB – Florida St. (Previous: Johnathan Banks – CB – Mississippi St)
The Giants were picked apart by the Baltimore Ravens in the passing game. The Ravens picked on cornerback Corey Webster all day long. The Giants have Terrell Thomas coming off injury and still have yet to see anything good from Prince Amukamara their first round pick from two years ago. Rhodes has the speed to make up for mistakes in the secondary and the Giants need speed in the defensive backfield.

Other Possibilities: Ezekial Ansah – DE – BYU, Arthur Brown – LB – Kansas State, Eric Reid – S – LSU

20. Chicago Bears – DJ Fluker – OT – Alabama
The Chicago Bears have the running back, the quarterback and the wide receiver to be a threat in the NFC, but now they need to upgrade the offensive line. Fluker is a good right tackle prospect that can use massive power to drive defenders in the running game. Fluker struggles against speed rushers, but with footwork and technique he can use his massive size to make up for what he lacks in the speed rush department.

Other Possibilities: Johnathan Cooper – DT – North Carolina, Arthur Brown – LB – Kansas State, Eric Reid – S – LSU