Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo Better Off Elsewhere?


The offseason has become official now for everybody in the league. The Super Bowl was a dandy to watch and I must say, although I felt the lighting situation may have given the Niners a little more time to collect themselves it did make for one heck of a ball game.

Now football fans everywhere have to deal with the dreaded seven month delay until the next kickoff. Unless your city has a local arena team that is.

Aug 18, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) watches on the sidelines during the game against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers defeated the Cowboys 28-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest questions marks entering the offseason for the Dallas Cowboys is that of Tony Romo’s future with the organization. The most likely scenario is that the Cowboys will resign him to an extension over several years. That statement in itself sends a shiver of rage down the spines of many a Cowboy fan.

There are two kinds of Cowboy fans, the Romo haters, and the Romo lovers. I for one declare myself the latter. For that reason allow me to rant for a bit.

I can’t stand it anymore. Honestly at this point I feel that anybody who thinks Dallas should release Romo and head in a different direction is off their rocker. I declare this boldly; those of that opinion probably have little to no knowledge of what the true problems are with this team.

I already expect the comments section to run wild with counter arguments of how I’m the no nothing but it comes with the territory.

The arguments are all the same like he doesn’t win big games, or he’s a turnover machine, or he places more emphasis on his golf game than he does football. It’s getting old guys. Say what you want but the problems lie in the hands of many, not just the quarterback. Besides, I recall Peyton Manning throwing a late game interception costing his team a playoff run yet where is the criticism?

I don’t excuse Romo for his mistake in the Redskins game, I have made that statement before, but why do we blame the quarterback for an entire season based on one play. Truth is the Cowboys should be in better situations than do or die finales year after year anyways. I truly feel that Romo is responsible for the Cowboys even being in contention at the end of the season. There aren’t many quarterbacks with the skill set to prosper in a scenario such as Romo’s.

Truth is, Romo has won far more games than he has lost. Throw any statistic you want out there but where is the help. He plays behind a line that most times probably wouldn’t even make the cut as night club bouncers, and let’s not forget about a defense that, while much improved, never seems to make the big plays. If we expect that from one player in Tony Romo then why is it so unfair to expect that from an entire defensive unit?

This isn’t a new debate. The only thing that will hush the haters will be Tony Romo hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl MVP, but that should be expected even from us Romo supporters. I don’t think the naysayers would mind seeing that scene, even with their disdain for Romo in mind.

But that’s the best part about sports. Opinions will vary greatly but at the end of the day we all want the same thing. So, while I strongly disagree with getting rid of Romo I want to hear your opinion. Stop with the nonsense of unreal trades and bizarre free agency scenarios. If you agree with me let me know, and if you disagree get lost.

I kid; I actually want to hear your opinion as well. This time though I don’t just want to hear the same old good riddance junk. Instead, share your solution. Whether it be through a trade, free agency, or anything else leave your comments.

I refuse to believe that any of you are willing to revert back to the days of Ryan Leaf and Quincy Carter so what is it that you believe gives this team an immediate chance of contention with Romo being out of the picture?

Remember to keep the comments respectful. We are all rooting for the same team aren’t we? With that being said let’s hear what you have to say.