The Landry Hat First Round Mock Draft 1.1

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11. San Diego Chargers  – Eric Fisher – OT – Central Michigan
San Diego has put up with terrible offensive line play for the past two seasons. The lack of offensive line could be a reason for the decline in the play of quarterback Phillip Rivers. Fisher is a balanced player with the athleticism to handle speed rushers and mirror defenders on rushes. he needs to work on his technique due to his size, but he has a massive upside and a great motor for run blocking.

Other Possibilities: Lane Johnson – OT – Oklahoma, Johnathan Cooper – G – North Carolina

12. Miami Dolphins – Keenan Allen – WR – Califonia
The Miami Dolphins have been searching for a wide receiver for the last decade almost. They had Brandon Marshall but they traded him last off season. Now they need a wide receiver to pair with last year’s first round pick quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Allen is a decent size receiver at 6’3″ and he has good speed. he has had some injury issues this season, but with a good showing at the Combine he could prove to be a good match for the second year quarterback next season.

Other Possibilities: Lane Johnson – OT – Oklahoma, Johnathan Hankins – DT – Ohio State

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jonathan Cooper – G – North Carolina
Tampa Bay showed great strides under rookie head coach Greg Schiano. The 2012 season was about finding an identity and the Buccaneers found theirs by playing hard till the last whistle and running behind the “Muscle Hamster” Doug Martin. Jonathan Cooper is the best lineman available on the board and the Buccaneers need a grinder to help them run the football. They could use some help in the passing attack, or in the secondary on defense, but the best available player is an offensive lineman and they should go that route to help continue to shape their team around the will of their head coach.

Other Possibilities: Lane Johnson – OT – Oklahoma, Xavier Rhodes – CB – Florida State, Johnathan Banks – CB – Mississippi State

14.  Carolina Panthers – Jonathan Hankins, Defensive Tackle, Ohio State
The Panthers struck gold with the pick last year of Luke Kuechley. Now they need to continue the defense with inside tackles. The best tackle on the board is Hankins from Ohio State. Hankins was a big reason Ohio State finished undefeated. He is a large body at 320 pounds and can suck up blocks in the middle of the defense to keep guys off Kuechley to let him make tackles.

Other Possibilities: Sheldon Richardson – DT – Missouri, Xavier Rhodes – CB – Florida State, Johnathan Banks – CB – Mississippi State

15.  New Orleans Saints – Xavier Rhodes – CB – Florida State
The Saints had one of the worst defenses in all of football in 2012. The main reason was they gave up the most passing yards of any team. They need guys to help in the secondary. Xavier Rhodes is a guy who could have been a late first round pick last year, but stayed for his senior season to lead Florida State to an ACC Championship and an orange Bowl victory. He is a speed guy and a great cover corner. He will need to work on tackling to be an all around player at the NFL level.

Other Possibilities: Johnathan Banks – CB – Mississippi State, Sam Montgomery, DT – LSU, Eric Reid – S – LSU

16.  St. Louis Rams – Lane Johnson – OT – Oklahoma
St. Louis had one of the worst offensive lines in all of football. They got dominated by great pass rushers and pressure defenses all season. They still have so much invested in Sam Bradford and he is as fragile as they come when we talk about quarterbacks. Johnson fits the mold of an offensive linemen with a big frame and long arms, but he is raw with the skills. He will need to do work to be a solid right tackle, but he has the ability to reach a decent level and keep rushers from injuring the star QB in St. Louis.

17.  Pittsburgh Steelers – Sheldon Richardson – DT – Missouri
The Steelers are always looking for versatile linemen. They need to cut a lot of cap room to get below the salary cap number so guys like Brett Kiesel and Casey Hampton may be on their way out. Richardson will be a guy that can play both a 3 technique in nickle situations and a nose tackle in the base defense. He will have to bulk up to take on double teams at the NFL level and suck up blocks for the linebackers in Pittsburgh.

Other Possibilities: Jesse Williams – DT – Alabama, Barrett Jones – OL – Alabama, Sam Montgomery – DE – LS

18. Dallas Cowboys – Sam Montgomery – DE – LSU
The Cowboys are going to open the season with a new defensive strategy. They have serious decisions to make regarding Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware. They have to decide if Anthony Spencer is worth a long term deal, or will even fit under the cap. They also need to decide if Ware is a true DE in the 4-3, or if he will play OLB. Montgomery can come in and be a replacement for Spencer if they decide to let him go, and be a rotation guy to fit in the defense. Montgomery has been a huge part of the LSU defense for three years in Baton Rouge, so he has the motor and ability to be a menace to NFL offenses in both the passing game and stopping the run.

Other Possibilities:  Jesse Williams – DT – Alabama, Barrett Jones – OL – Alabama, DJ Fluker – OT – Alabama

19. New York Giants – Johnathan Banks – CB – Mississippi State
The Giants were picked apart by the Baltimore Ravens in the passing game. The Ravens picked on cornerback Corey Webster all day long. The Giants have Terrell Thomas coming off injury and still have yet to see anything good from Prince Amukamara their first round pick from two years ago. Banks is a good on the ball player, he needs to show speed at the combine and use the Senior Bowl practices to show his ability to be physical with receivers. He will fit in with the Giants and be a guy who can cover opposite Amukamara.

Other Possibilities: Alec Ogletree – LB – Georgia, Kevin Minter – LB – LSU, Robert Woods – WR – USC

20. Chicago Bears – DJ Fluker – OT – Alabama
The Chicago Bears have the running back, the quarterback and the wide receiver to be a threat in the NFC, but now they need to upgrade the offensive line. Fluker is a good right tackle prospect that can use massive power to drive defenders in the running game. Fluker struggles against speed rushers, but with footwork and technique he can use his massive size to make up for what he lacks in the speed rush department.

Other Possibilities: Alec Ogletree – LB – Georgia, Barrett Jones – OL – Alabama, Jesse Williams – DT – Alabama