How Garrett Stole Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time for Cowboy fans to rejoice in all that is great

Family, friends, food and football put the mind in such a wonderful state

Early in the morning flag football was played, grown men living out dreams of their past

Friends shared stories, swapped tales of their futures and realised their youth had gone by fast

Recovery was needed as muscles were sore

but there was no time to waste, for this day had much more

It was off to the in laws for family and feast

The food was magnificent, must have gained about 5 pounds at least

With a football game played and the feast all eaten

It was time to watch the Redskins get a beatin’

For now was the greatest time of the day

A chance to watch the great Cowboys play

With everyone so happy all snug on the couch

there was only one man who could be such a grouch.

There he sat alone in his office, looking out at the players about to play ball

Then he said “Look at all these people Robbie, enjoying their day, How can I turn it bad for them all.”

He thought hard and long and Robbie reached for his play card

“Of course I’ve got it. Its not even that hard”

He screamed with delight “I know how ruin this day”

“By the time I’m through with them there will be nothing to say”

The wicked man schemed, made out his plans and such

This is perfect we wont even change much

We’ll just do things as normal and start out the game flat

Surely these Cowboy fans won’t take kindly to that.

The evil man said “I cant do this alone you see”

“Robbie you will have to help, give up long passes from  RG3”

“Of course if we lose to soon, people will call me for a dope

We will have to score first to inspire some hope”

No matter how much they booo

we will get crushed in quarter number two.

The plan was so devious, so well constructed

All hope for the Fans had completely erupted.

He ruined the feast, everything began to taste foul

And each person in the room was met with a scowl.

All fun from the day had been set free

It was time wallow in self pi-tee

As the fans were dejected and thought no more coud they bare it

A lone fan stood up and said “It’s typical Coach Garrett.”

Our owner can’t see it, but it’s so obviously clear

This nightmare won’t end until he throws the evil Garrett out on his rear

Nov 22, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett prior to the game against the Washington Redskins during a game on Thanksgiving at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

I hope you all enjoyed my attempt at a rhyme about how bad the Thanksgiving game was.  I don’t think I can add any more to it than what has already been said. The Cowboys were a disgrace, this is the third game in a row where the team has not been prepared to play in the first half and the lack of prepardness is laid solely on the Head Coach. How Jason Garrett still has the job is beyond my belief, but its Jerry’s world and we are all just trying to figure out what he thinks he knows. The Cowboys had a shot at the playoffs, but the loss on Thanksgiving pretty much kills all of those dreams. Let the search begin for our next head coach, cause I don’t see how keeping him makes sense. Hopefully my 3rd grade rhyming ability did not scare you away, it couldnt have been as bad as the game we watched on Thursday.