Why The Dallas Cowboys Need Rowdy


It’s easy to hate Rowdy, and many do.  I know how easy it is for those that feel that way, because Rowdy has registered many complaints over the years, such as excessive end-zone touchdown celebrations that had NFL refs threatening to penalize the team, being featured at events where he hugged just the babes and no one else (I fail to see the problem), running into the opposing team’s kicker during pre-game warm-ups and irritating Bill Parcells.

Not to mention his general silliness.  There have also been complaints that he ruined several ring of honor presentations, but I contend that he gave them added stature.  To be honest folks, this is a bad rap caused by all those Rowdy haters in the sports media.

In addition, these haters want to make it personal.  Who cares that he is so ugly that he has to wear the mask all the time.  Who cares that he drives a car with a sun roof so his hat can stick out the top.  And yeah, he likes to imbibe a bit, but that incident at the club when his gun went off and got his leg all wet was just an innocent mistake.

And when he got into a fight with his body guard, that was just a simple misunderstanding.  For those that want to condemn him for hitting his mother in the face with his hat, just look at it, it’s foam rubber.

Rowdy has been accused of meddling, but it’s not true that he and Jerry Jones were spotted at a secluded Mexican restaurant conspiring to get rid of Crazy Ray and go all Rowdy, all the time.  Anyway, Ray was a relic of Cowboys’ losing past and destined to be over-shadowed by the more effervescent Rowdy.  But again, the way this was handled is not the way that is perceived by the fans that were so infuriated.

Aug 25, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys mascot Rowdy performs prior to the game against the St Louis Rams at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Unlike Jimmy Johnson, who was willing to talk to other teams while under contract with the Cowboys, Rowdy has declined numerous offers to go to other teams that were in desperate need of what he brings to the table.

Fans point to distractions from Rowdy being the reason the Cowboys have not been able to get over the hump and make it through the playoffs and to the super bowl.  I do not believe that for one minute.  Rowdy is an inspirational leader.  It’s his job to get the fans into the game and get them to make a lot of noise.

And his pre-game speeches to the team inspire them to give it all and leave nothing on the field.   At least three of our home wins per year are probably because of him!  And let’s not forget his effect on the makeup of the team.  By now we are all familiar with the sight of Rowdy sitting in the war room with the rest of the Cowboys’ brass during the NFL draft, his trademark 50 gallon hat in full view.

His ability to watch film and help the Cowboys determine what potential draft picks best fit the Cowboys is unsurpassed and you can credit many of the best undrafted free agent signings to his unique eye for talent.  He would probably be in charge of the scouting department if he weren’t so busy just being Rowdy.  And if Jerry ever decides to hire a GM for the team, Rowdy’s my guy.

If all of you were aware of what a multi-faceted talent this man is, you would be clamoring for him to be one of the coaches we see on the sidelines every week during the game.  You probably won’t see him in that capacity though, because above all, he must be Rowdy.

His toughness is unquestioned and, to my knowledge, he has never left a game because of injury.  He recently said that he can whip all of the other NFL mascots.  Just wondering if that ended up on bulletin boards in the mascot lockers across the league?

I know there’s a spot in the ring of honor waiting for the man with the big hat and heart to match, once he decides to hang ’em up.