Game Review: How ‘Bout Dem Cowboys


With the third preseason game down for the Dallas Cowboys, fans have to be excited with the performance of the team. The defense seems to be improved majorly from last year. With the first team defense playing approximately 3 quarters this preseason, and without DeMarcus Ware for the most part, only giving up one field goal is impressive.

We saw a small preview of what Morris Claiborne can give the team last night. He is a rookie but after a year or two in the league he should develop into the corner that the Cowboys expect for him to be. Brandon Carr has shown his ability to create turnovers against Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers. Rivers is hands down the best Quarterback that the Cowboys defense has faced this preseason, and having intercepted him twice in one game is very impressive. Sean Lee is continuing to be the stand out player that he became last year. His presence being felt made up for DeMarcus Ware’s absence the last two games. Barry Church and Gerald Sensabaugh have also made plays that prove to me that they belong with this team and Rob Ryan’s scheme. I feel that this team has a defense that will rank high some where close to the Baltimore Ravens, San Fransisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers. I know the defense hasn’t been perfect but with another week and a half to adjust to the minor issues, they should be good enough to hold on to late leads.

As far as the Dallas Cowboys offense, I don’t think there is any worries as long as Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, and Jason Witten fully recover. I was getting worried with of all the injuries but none of them appear to be too serious. And as long as the team has some kind of depth on the bench everything will be fine.

Tony Romo put on a great performance last night and continues to show just how under rated he is. Going 9-13 for 198 yards and two touchdowns in the first quarter against the St. Louis Rams is great. Doing it with out his top 3 receivers (Austin, Bryant, and Witten) is simply amazing. Romo is the only QB that could make his NO.3, 4 and 5 receivers look like starters. I think it is safe to say that Dwayne Harris has a roster spot. He was great and has my vote for the NO.3 receiver position. I was very pleased with Felix Jones as well. I think he redeemed himself last night after playing almost horribly the game before. Most importantly I was amazed by the offensive line against the Rams. With all the injuries that the Dallas Cowboys have suffered, the starting OL was the most complete we have seen in the last few weeks. I was thrilled the way they held up and gave Tony Romo the time he needed to march down and score on all three drives that he was under center. The OL also gave DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones the openings and blocks they needed for a high YPC. Lawrence Vickers was also a big help to back up the OL.

With the next game coming against the Miami Dolphins and the starters not playing, I’m sure that Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan have got to be pleased. This seems to be the best Cowboys team we have seen in recent years. This team has the quality and the depth that even Jimmy Johnson should be proud of.

After last night;s performance by the first and even second team players, I can’t help but agree with Jerry Jones statement, “I look forward to beating the Giants ass”.