Is Jason Garrett On The Hot Seat Already?


Where much is given, much is required. The simple fact is this Dallas Cowboys team is built to compete this season for a division title and quite possibly make a deep run into the playoffs. The majority of the pieces needed when you think of a contender are on this Cowboys squad. So what happens if they perform poorly like they have at times this preseason? Does Jason Garrett get the boot at the end of the season? Or maybe he follows the footsteps of his predecessor and only makes it half way through the season before seeing it come to a screeching halt. Or does owner and general manager Jerry Jones give Garrett some leeway and let him live to see another day in the case the team struggles mightily throughout the season?

If you look at the pieces this year’s team has in place it’s enough to make any head coach around the league a little jealous. Garrett has an athletic quarterback that has a quick release and an ability to make plays when other quarterbacks would have taken a sack for a loss or turned the ball over. He has a young, workhorse running back that is healthy and ready to take his game to the next level. There are receivers on this roster that, when healthy, can give any defensive coordinator heartburn. On the defensive side of the ball there’s the always lethal DeMarcus Ware who wreaks havoc on whichever side of the ball he lines up on. Jones added some much needed pieces on the defensive side of the ball that are performing at a high level this preseason; namely Brandon Carr. Not to mention the much heralded move in the draft to go up and get the best defensive player available in Morris Claiborne. And the list goes on and on. Sean Lee, Jay Ratliff, Jason Witten, Tyron Smith, and Felix Jones all add to the star-studded roster that resides in Dallas.

So should Jason Garrett be nervous going into this season if his team struggles out of the gate? Without a doubt. You don’t get handed this caliber of team and have the luxury to struggle. It just isn’t something someone like Jerry Jones tolerates. And he shouldn’t. If I had invested the kind of time and money into this team as he has I would be expecting multiple championships. To date there is one measly win in the playoffs on the books. Not quite the results you would expect right?

Now granted the Cowboys have not had a healthy, complete offensive line this preseason. Without that in place it’s hard to really see what the rest of the players on offense are going to be able to do. If Tony Romo can’t get any time to read the defense and make a throw, or if DeMarco Murray is unable to find a single crevice, how can you expect much out of them and any other skill player on the offensive side of the ball? That’s where Saturday’s game against the St. Louis Rams comes into play. The Rams have been less than impressive and everyone knows the third preseason game is the dress rehearsal for the first team offense and defense. You’ll be able to get a good look at what the Cowboys are capable of doing. If they struggle against a team like St. Louis then Garrett should definitely start getting nervous.

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