Your Dallas Cowboys Stock Report


The following is your Dallas Cowboys Stock Report. Over midway through the preseason some stocks have distinguished themselves as early Bull or Bear stocks. The findings have been identified and reported here for your review. After tracking recent trends in the Dallas Cowboys Stock Exchange (DCSE) some stocks have clearly stood out as overachievers (Bulls) and some as underachievers (Bears). The overachieving Bulls are stocks who are either exceeding expectations or are exhibiting a level of performance consistently on the incline. The underachieving Bears are those not meeting their expectations or are exhibiting a level of performance consistently on the decline. Also included in this current stock report are stocks to hold, the hottest IPO (Rookie Stock), and a buy and sell recommendation.

The Bulls (Hot Stocks Climbing in Value)

Brandon Carr: Carr came to Dallas for a hefty price. The Cowboys are well aware how much they paid for the second best corner out of Kansas City. They were banking on him playing up to the contract, which is rarely a smart business decision. They sure look smart now. Carr has been a leader on and off the field. His toughness and work ethic is rubbing off on his teammates on both sides of the ball. He fits the defensive style of Rob Ryan and will be put in position to succeed. What separates Brandon from many other cornerbacks is his ability to track the ball in the air. He isn’t the fastest so he has been known to face guard at times but this much is clear – He loves to play the ball. Even with the high initial stock cost, his stock price has been on the incline and he’s looking to keep going up.

Kevin Ogletree: He hasn’t made the team yet but it’s looking pretty likely at this point. The best thing that happened to his stock are the injuries to Austin, Witten, and Bryant. He might not be the best slot receiver on the team, but he is clearly the best X and Z receiver fill-in currently on the roster. Unless the Cowboys sign a veteran, Tree is going to play an important role this year. The market is banking on him starting multiple games for Austin and Bryant at some point this season which has caused a nearly 200% increase in his stock price since the start of training camp.

DeMarco Murray: Murray came into training camp with a high ceiling and a low floor. He has the ability to be a league rushing leader. Unfortunately he is just as likely to fall to injury at any time and be a non-factor. He has looked strong, energetic, and dynamic thus far. In fact, with the exception of Bryant, he is the most physical offensive player on the Cowboys. Given the poor play of the offensive line, DeMarco has repeatedly found a way to make something out of nothing. More importantly he has performed excellent on the draw play and as a receiving back, which are staples of Jason and Tony’s offense and necessary to slow an opposing pass rush. This stock still comes with risk, but so far, the market is biting on his massive up-side.

The Bears (Cold Stocks Falling in Value)

Doug Free: The entire offensive line has played poorly but only Doug Free came in with high expectations. Tyron is new to the position, Livings and Mack came with only moderate expectations, and frankly Costa has nowhere to go but up. Doug was supposed to be the “sure thing” on the line this year. He moved back to position he’s most comfortable with and he’s just entering his athletic prime. Being the veteran of this young group, he is looked to for leadership and stability by his teammates and the coaching staff. So far he has been an underachieving stock. With stability next to him at RG, he certainly has the potential to turn this around, so most market analysts expect a bounce-back at some point.

Felix Jones: Stockholders are notoriously weary of poorly managed companies. Most of the off-season and training camp Felix has been guilty of poorly managing himself. It’s well known he entered camp out of shape even failing his conditioning test on the first day of camp. His effort in practice and games has been lackluster. With Murray as a direct comparison, the contrast is even more apparent. This is a strange way to manage a company in a contract year so it will be interesting to see if he changes his management style anytime soon. Word is he has turned in a couple good practices but the market isn’t buying it just yet.

Starting Receiving Corps: The sell-off is on both Austin and Bryant stock. When Austin is healthy he plays like a true blue-chip stock but because of injuries, he has disappointed stockholders every season since 2009. The pattern is there and Miles may never regain the value he once had. Austin has long been an injury concern but Dez is beginning to develop the same reputation. With Dez’s physical style of play, injuries should be expected, but it still affects the price since he was a top priced stock early in camp. Dez is working on knowing when to fight for the extra yard and when to hit the turf and fight another day. Insiders know he has potential to be a top blue-chip stock like DeMarcus Ware but they need to see more consistency and less injury before they start the buy-up.

Stock to Hold

Barry Church: Church has been a hot seller on the futures market for some time now. He has performed very well this offseason and preseason and appears a great buy for those who invested early. Buyers beware – The safety position has been an up and down spot the past few years. What looked like a solution one day, looked like the problem the next day. It’s recommended to hold off buying until a little regular season proof has been observed. If you currently own stock in Barry Church you shouldn’t sell either. He has high potential so it’s best to sit on it and see if he can provide a payday later in the season.

Hottest IPO (Initial Public Offering aka: Rookie Stock)

Cole Beasley: Cole was a fan favorite early in camp and a dark horse for the slot receiver job. He lost some fan support when he took his weekend sabbatical resulting in a quick sell-off. Since returning he has dropped his dark horse label and become almost a sure thing. Dallas Cowboy Day Traders are known to be a fickle and passionate bunch who will forgive any stock if it suddenly performs profitably so it’s no surprise to see him on the upswing. Economist point to the chemistry he has with Romo and see him as a reliable stock through the season.

Buy Low

Victor Butler: Butler has always displayed natural pass-rush ability but it’s his liability against the run that has limited his opportunities. He has quietly been improving his run defense by better following his assignments and resisting temptation to deviate. Dallas needs to find out about him this year so expect opportunities to come all season. Victor has shown to be a bargain stock with high long-term earnings potential.

Sell High

Anthony Spencer: His price is very high considering his franchise tag and the constant love he receives from the coaching staff. But let’s be honest – this is his last year on the Dallas Cowboy Stock Exchange. Because of that, there is every reason for Garrett and Ryan to see who is behind him and if they have an internal replacement at the ready. Sell while the price is still high. Even if he puts together a year like last, he’s over-valued and soon-to-be replaced.