Cowboys Dez Bryant’s MRI Reveals No Damage, Diagnosed With Patellar Tendinitis


Just as things began to look up for the Dallas Cowboys first team offense after this past Saturdays match-up against the San Diego Chargers, a major piece of the Boy’s offensive puzzle fell to injury. Early Monday, in what was one of two practices over the next two days against the same team the Cowboys faced in Saturday’s second preseason game, third year wide receiver Dez Bryant sustained a knee injury that had number eighty-eight sidelined with a noticeable limp.

As bad as it could have been for Bryant, the receiver later returned to practice and stood on the sidelines without pads and continued to watch while the two teams finished practice. An MRI was performed on Bryant, as is standard operating procedure for injuries, and the results were negative on significant structural damage. MRI results did show Patellar Tendinitis or “Jumper’s Knee” is what the injury is most commonly referred to as. The injury is defined as minor knee tendon damage that is the condition that occurs when the tendon becomes inflamed and irritated. Rest, stretching, and anti-inflammatory medications along with ice treatments is the only known cures for the injury.

The issue can develop into a chronic issue in worse case scenarios which will lead one to wonder if Bryant will need to begin to shy away from his offseason basketball escapades if the injury begins to plague him throughout his career. In those cases of extreme chronic Patellar Tendinitis only rigorous strength training and therapy can help to subside the symptoms.

The Cowboys injury woes couldn’t get any worse going into week three of the preseason, especially with the September 5th match-up against the New York Giants screaming ever closer. Jason Witten was knocked out of the week one preseason contest against the Oakland Raiders with a lacerated spleen, Miles Austin has not participated in training camp since day three and is in jeopardy of missing his second straight preseason. There have been various injuries across the offensive line leaving the Boys with patch work protection. Now, the injury to Bryant most assuredly puts a limit on the offensive weapons Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will have in his arsenal Saturday night when the St. Louis Rams come to town.

Bryant has been targeted 171 times for 108 catches. That currently has the second year wide out tied for 47th over the past two years. Yielding a 63.2 catch percentage over a span of 1222 snaps has accounted for 14% of the Cowboys offense when number eighty-eight is on the field. That’s just  one of several reasons many are excited about the third year player’s future in Dallas.

Since arriving in Dallas and the NFL, Bryant is tied for 17th with 17, 25+ yard receptions and tied for 15th with 15 receiving touchdowns. Second to only Romo in touchdowns over the past two seasons. That kind of production needs to be on the field this season and assuming Dez isn’t dealing with Spin Doctor Jerry Jones then you can bet Doctor Jones will be prescribing plenty of rest leading up to September 5th.

Shortly after the early practice wrapped up Dez Bryant did tweet that San Diego has some real good pizza. Let’s hope that pizza has some incredible healing powers.

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