Can The Dallas Cowboys Still Depend On Miles Austin?

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Of course, this was before Laurent Robinson cashed in his 2011 performance by taking a well deserved but probably overpaid contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Too bad, really, that the Jaguars offered stupid money to Robinson, making it hard for Jerry Jones and Steven Jones to counter with something that wouldn’t cripple the Cowboys. Laurent had become more ‘Romo Friendly’ than Miles Austin but, alas, the salary cap dictated otherwise.

Many of you will think I’m crazy for suggesting trading Miles Austin even if Laurent was still in a Cowboys uniform, which is your welcomed prerogative, just don’t mis-interpret my reasoning. Miles is a very talented wide receiver. He has stand out physical skills and before the lost playing time caused the ‘timing’ issues of last year, had a good understanding of Tony Romo when Romo went sand lot improv. Just look at the touchdown catch Miles made in the San Francisco game last year when he went all tip towed and finger tipped as he lunged into the end-zone. Very few players have the physical ability to do that, let alone the where with all.

For me, I’m suggesting that, based on last year, Miles Austin needs the practice reps to keep that very important timing with Romo. His hamstrings are keeping him from doing that. And just as amazing as that touchdown was vs the 49ers, was the heartbreak of that missed connection with Miles and Tony on that pass play vs the Giants. If you can’t depend on him to stay healthy and in the game, then what is the point? Is it worth the cap space and roster spot for a few good games a year? Can the Dallas Cowboys still depend on Miles Austin?

Points and Observations:

– I’d like nothing more than to eat my words about Miles Austin

– I think I’m more concerned about Jason Witten’s injury than I am about Miles.

– It would be very unfortunate if Danny Coale doesn’t get his opportunity at the 3rd WR spot. If he doesn’t get on the field soon, he may not even make the roster.

– Overheard and maybe in the too soon category: “You know what really burns my ass?” “A black marble bench outside Cowboys Stadium when it’s 100 degrees out” … Na … I still like “A flame about this high” better.

– If the San Diego pre-season game is any indication (probably not), Morris claiborne/Mario Butler/Mike Jenkins side of the field will be getting all the action as teams may decide to avoid Brandon Carr’s side altogether.

– As of today, I think Cole Beasley gets the slot and Kevin Ogletree should back up Miles Austin on the outside, you know, with those tender hamstrings and all.

– Speaking of Beasley. Have you ever seen an undrafted free agent player get more kid glove understanding treatment and opportunity by the Dallas Cowboys or any team than this kid has?

– I’m still wondering how ignored, chaotic and ability challenged an offensive line can be that is supposed to be protecting the teams biggest asset. In a perfect ‘Romo Friendly” world, the offensive line, and keeping Laurent Robinson, should have been the Dallas Cowboys top priority after addressing the secondary.