Cowboys Training Camp 2012: Thoughts for the week


Before I get into my weekly 500 words about our Dallas Cowboys, I want to take a moment to recognize a horrible tragedy. Sunday morning, the son of Eagles Head Coach, Andy Reid, was found lifeless in his dorm. Words cannot express the sorrow that a nation full of sons, mothers, and fathers are feeling for Coach Reid. ESPN NFC East Blogger Dan Graziano possibly put it best with a tweet, “Sometimes, sports seem very small. Sincere condolences to Eagles Coach Andy Reid on the loss of his son Garrett”. Although the rivalry between NFC East division foes is extremely fierce, I nor any other human being do not wish this tragedy on anyone. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Coach Reid, and your family.

This off season has been extremely frustrating for a Cowboys fan. The only two draft picks that have really had any time to practice before training camp is our 6th round pick, James Hannah, and our 7th round pick, Caleb McSurdy. 1st round pick Morris Claiborne rehabbed a surgically repaired wrist, 3rd round pick Tyrone Crawford nursed a calve injury, 4th round pick Kyle Wilbur recovered from a broken finger, 4th round pick Matt Johnson was ineligible for practice due to NFL regulations on when his school finished, and 5th round pick Danny Coale broke his foot. Man, what a list.

Claiborne started practicing in training camp, and the first day his body was too sore to continue, and now he has a sprained MCL (not as bad as a sprained ACL). We don’ know when he will be returning to practice.

Tyrone Crawford is coming on strong, with rave reports about his pass rushing ability from the 5-technique, and against (probable) Pro-Bowler LT, Tyron Smith.   Throughout a large majority of OTA’s and the rookie minicamp, we didn’t get to see Tyrone because of an injured calve muscle. According to Tyrone, “I’ve never spent time in the training room [for injury], I’ve always stayed out.”  Good, less time in the training room means more time in opponents backfield.

Kyle Wilbur has not made as much noise from his OLB position, with Kevin Butler being the shining star (behind, of course, old faithful DeMarcus Ware), but pairing Crawford and Wilbur on the side opposite of Lissemore and Ware down the road is going to prove to be one deadly combination.

Matt Johnson has had setback after setback. First, his alma mater, Eastern Washington, has a crazy school schedule that prevented Johnson from participating in Dallas Cowboys training camp until school was out (I am assuming he graduated).  This is good from the standpoint that Johnson will have something to fall back on after football, but it’s a little hard to swallow as a fan, because our stud of a safety with ultimate turnover potential has been learning via DVD (I hope Darren Woodson narrated them).

Danny Coale might be cleared to practice soon. He has been spotted doing individual drills, but is still being held out of 11-11 drills for precautionary reasons. I’d rather be safe than sorry too, because someone has to show up as the 3rd WR, and Kevin Ogletree and his dreads are a joke to be the front runners. Seriously, has anyone seen a picture of him lately?  Worst dreads ever.

James Hannah is getting quite a few reps because of the ankle injury to 2nd TE John Phillips.  It would appear that the rookie was shy at the rookie minicamp and OTA’s and had a temporary case of “stone hands”.  Currently Hannah is lighting it up in the passing game with few drops.  When I first heard that Hannah was dropping tons of passes I was disturbed. As Bob (stupid) Stoops has put through quite a few quality TE’s (Jermaine Gresham anyone?).  And yes, I know it’s an ugly thing to say, but I am a born and raised Longhorn fan and the Red River Rivalry is one of the greatest Saturday afternoons in football. If you don’t like it, go watch the Olympics. I hear that “hand ball” is the next best thing.

I have not heard much from Caleb McSurdy. He was supposed to be a pounder and a bruiser, and this was supposed to be evident once the pads came on, but I have not heard much.  Hard to think he makes the 53 man roster. Practice squad? Maybe.

That’s all folks. Join me in the comments section and voice your opinions.  And lets raise a glass to football being here; finally.