Dallas Cowboys Training Camp: The Best and the Worst


The Dallas Cowboys have been in training camp for a little less than a week. You wouldn’t think much would happen in that amount of time, but for the Cowboys there is raerly a shortage of news stories. Considering there was such a wide range of topics to talk about this week, I wanted to share with you the three best and worst stories from the first week of training camp. Here they are in no particular order.

The Good

Dez Bryant has been electric on the field

There is finally less talk about how much trouble Dez has got himself into and more talk about what he can do on the field. Sometimes I wish they played football year round so there would be less down time for Dez to potentially get himself into trouble.

There is plenty to like about Dez’s body of work so far. He’s had to come off the field for a brief stint, but otherwise he’s be out on the field breaking in the new Dallas secondary the right way. If he can focus and learn the offense better he will be a dangerous weapon this season.

Dez Bryant and Felix Jones may handle return duties this season

Dez and Felix were superior returners during their college careers and made a name for themselves during that time. Why has it taken this long to realize they need to be on the field returning kicks and punts instead of whatever alternatives there may be available at the time? I know there has been plenty of concern about both players’ injury history, but if they really are as electric as everyone says they are they should be able to avoid a lot more tacklers than they absorb. By possibly putting these two on return duties, the special teams units could be much improved over last season.

DeMarco Murray is healthy and looks good

There have been numerous questions about Murray’s surgically repaired ankle. Will it hold up? Will he be ready for training camp? According to Murray his ankle has been 100% healed for the last five months. And if you’ve been following the footage from camp thus far, he looks quick and powerful. As long as he stays healthy he should be a big part of Dallas’ offense this season.

The Bad

Jerry had to open his mouth

In case you’ve been under a rock, owner and general manager Jerry Jones has been running his mouth in training camp. He’s sounding a lot like Rob Ryan did last year. Jones took a shot at the New York Giants and it made me nervous. I love trash talking, but I think it’s something that should be done by the players and on the field. Jones made a comment he doesn’t have to back up, and I can’t remember a time when something like this has worked out for the over-confident party. Remember Vince Young last season and his dream team comment? That worked out pretty well right?

Three players failed conditioning tests

I never thought I would have to write such a thing about players like Felix Jones, Brodney Pool, and Andre Holmes, but they failed their initial conditioning tests and everyone knew about it in a hurry. The thing that really stings is these are guys that make a living on running around the field making plays. It’s not like these three are 300 pound linemen. Their bread and butter come from their speed and agility. I don’t know if they were caught off guard by Jason Garrett’s strict camps or what, but the situation is rectified and I wait to see where these three go from here.

G Mackenzy Bernadeau, WR Danny Coale, CB Mike Jenkins, S Matt Johnson and C/G Kevin Kowalski on the physically-unable-to-perform list

This news is a little older, but all of these players are projected to make real contributions this upcoming season, in one way or another. The more time they miss, the less they will be able to contribute when the season starts. Jenkins and Kowalski were on the roster last season so they won’t be as far behind as the rest, but Bernadeau, Coale, and Johnson are new to the system. They need to be on the field learning the offensive or defensive schemes. If they end up being out too long they may not get on the field at all this season.

So what are your reactions so far as the first official week of training camp comes to an end? Did anything stand out to you that I didn’t list here? There was a lot going on and I can by no means recount what has happened in its entirety, so sound off and make yourself heard.

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