Is Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant Worth the Wait?


Faster, quicker & stronger Dez Bryant recently boasted about the results of an offseason of dedication to improvement on the field. And the while a quite offseason of Bryant’s off the field led many to opine that just maybe maturation could also be added to the list of improvements that Dez Bryant had made over his second offseason.

But its blatantly obvious that intelligence and maturity or a lack there of seems to supersede quickness, speed and strength when it comes to the most important of issues that the second year wide receiver could have focused on during his time this offseason.

Rumors ran rampant last season regarding Tony Romo’s trust issues with Bryant’s performance within the offensive system. Other than being completely wide open or Tony absolutely needing to get rid of the ball in a hurry and Bryant being the only option in the vicinity of Romo’s, it was said that the trust and dependency upon Bryant never materialized and the reasons could be abundant.

Will the Cowboys miss a player with that kind of reputation on the field? Likely not as much as most would think.

Bryant’s ability to hamper the offense in the ways rumored and inability to be dependable serves two fold by adding extra pressure onto others on the team such as DeMarco Murray, Felix Jones, Miles Austin, Jason Witten and Tony Romo to make more plays when it’s crunch time.

Thinking back the rumors of lack of trust within the system would explain several games where Dez Bryant completely disappeared after first and second quarters.

Dez Bryant was very rarely called upon at the end of games when a big play was needed. Will a player like Dez Bryant be missed? Would the kid from Lufkin Texas even be a Cowboy had current head coach Jason Garrett held the reins during the 2010 draft?

After drafting six of seven former college team captains in this years NFL draft we seriously doubt it unless of course GM Jerry Jones pulled rank on Garrett which could of likely happened.

Dez Bryant will likely receive a “sit down” request from the commissioner Roger Goddell and because of the arrest the commish could dish out up to a four games suspension to Dez Bryant. That is assuming the Dallas Cowboys don’t beat Goddell to the punch. (No pun intended)
Looking at the numbers lets compare Dez Bryant’s current numbers since being drafted in 2010 and playing in 27 games:

Receptions – 108 tied for 47th

Receiving Yards- 1,489 42nd overall
25+ yard receptions 17 tied for 17th
15 touchdowns tying him for 15th

Now let’s look at another very talented receiver that was a phenom coming out of college and a Cowboys former top draft pick.

Michael Irvin’s numbers through his first 27 games:

Receptions – 87
Receiving yards- 1468
Touchdowns- 13
25+ yard receptions 15

Irvin did finish his 1988 rookie season with a 20.4 yards per catch average, which led the NFC at the time and everyone knows the rest of the story with Michael Irvin helping to lead the team to three super bowl wins and eventually being inducted into the Dallas Cowboys ring of honor in 2005.

Compared to fellow wide receivers taken during the 2010 NFL draft, fourth round selection of Tampa Bay, Mike Williams over the past two seasons the Buccaneers wide out has amassed 130 receptions for 1738 yards receiving along with 14 touchdowns. Williams has also managed to participate in 31 of 32 career games.

Sixth round selection Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers was selected to a pro bowl last year and is expected to really burst onto the scene this year to follow up a superb sophomore season in which the Steelers wide receiver hauled in 69 catches for approximately 1100 yards.

Both Demaryius Thomas taken two selections ahead of Dez Bryant while injured much of his rookie year boasts a greater yards per reception average than Bryant and being paired with Peyton Manning this year in Denver could easily help ignite the career of Thomas for the next few years. Not only will Thomas benefit from the Denver acquisition of Manning but 2010 third round selection Eric Decker could also end up being a pro bowl caliber receiver.

Is Dez Bryant worth it? Is the former Oklahoma State Cowboy worth keeping around? Only time will tell but in the mean time let us hope that Dez Bryant works through these issues and the lack there of regarding intelligence and maturity will be the next common football attributes that Dez decides to focus on improving.

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