Tony Romo Will Lead the Dallas Cowboys To a Super Bowl Victory


The official starving plate of the NFL has been at the table since teams finished up mandatory mini-camps last month. Player arrests, defamation lawsuits, premium player contract holdouts and Tim Tebow top the news feeders. The fantasy football mock draft season is in full swing with less than sixty days until the start of the NFL season and it’s really to no one’s surprise. With that being said let’s push some peas on to the starving plate, shall we?

Unlike his NFC East counterpart, Tony Romo did not lead the storied Dallas Cowboys franchise to what would have equated to a sixth Super Bowl victory as so many had hoped. How could he have?

Do we not recall that coming into the 2011 NFL season Tony Romo had not participated nor seen the pace of the game in close to a year after sustaining a broken clavicle against the New York Giants in late October of 2010?

Becoming acclimated to the game, all over again, after that long of a hiatus has to take some time, right?

Yet not winning is the problematic enigma that follows the Cowboys quarterback at every turn this NFL offseason. And yet Romo still continues to be the quintessential franchise quarterback and will continue to do so. It is Tony Romo’s way, it’s the way the guy is stitched with a gunslinger’s mentality, it’s his demeanor that assists the enamored with supplying an added fixation that only follows the QB’s every action both on and off the field.

The guy passed on a chance to qualify for the U.S. Open this year, something Tony Romo has taken part in every year that he has been with the Dallas Cowboys and was praised for it.

The guy is the quarterback ofAmerica’s team and yet has a personal life. A life that encompasses being husband, a brand new father, employment, hobbies, and a social life just as many of us. Regardless of empathy or sympathy for Tony Romo, that fact of the matter is that he will begin to spend much of his time away from his newly established family. Does the guy deserve a pass from his detractors?

The quarterback is coming from a smaller school against lesser competition. Did Romo’s learning curve need to be adjusted in relation to the nationally recognized college quarterback that performed against top NFL talent on a weekly basis? Possible

Yet Tony Romo for most of his six years as an NFL starter has always had an uncanny ability to yield great stats but still has as many playoff wins as second year back-up Houston Texans quarterback T.J. Yates.

The fickle fan may not understand exactly what it is about Tony Romo that leads so many of the NFL games own to stand in Tony Romo’s corner conceding that the current Cowboys quarterback is one of the franchises best ever. All the fickle know is that in the most critical of game situations Tony Romo wasn’t able to make it happen. However it wasn’t Romo that lost the ball in the lights during a key play against the Giants last season that would likely have been the final coffin nail in the game and all but placing the keys to the NFC East into the Dallas Cowboys.

But why cry over spilled milk? Like Tony Romo’s childhood hero Brett Favre, Romo will likely win a Super Bowl with his career 96.9 QB rating which is second to only Aaron Rodgers. Why is this fathomable? Only because seven of the top ten NFL quarterbacks, past and present that, that top the list of QB rating have won Super Bowls. Tony Romo is the only QB in the top four of the statistical category to have yet to have done so.

Peyton Manning won his first Super bowl at the end of his seventh season. Tony Romo is entering into his seventh season as the entrenched starter for the Dallas Cowboys. Anticipating a much improved defense decorating the field this season and regardless of the apparent difficult schedule the Cowboys have been dealt. To surprise many it’s our opinion that the team from Dallas will actually do quite well this season and Tony Romo may finally get a chance to prove his critics wrong.

Landry Hat cohort Artie may have said it best in when penning, Tony Romo has nothing to prove, but still has something to do.