Dallas Cowboys game by game prediction for the 2012 season


Week 1 At the New York Giants (WIN)
With all the hype that goes in to this game you had better know that the Cowboys coaches are preaching the importance of this game to their players even now. Opening the season against a division rival and super bowl champion will have the Cowboys playing at their best. Dez Bryant scores the game winning touchdown and does the cha-cha in the end zone.

Week 2 At Seattle Seahawks (WIN)
Playing this game at the Seahawks home stadium which has one of the best home field advantages in the league will certainly help the Seahawks. However the team just does not have enough firepower to out play the Cowboys. In a hard fought game full of Dallas mental mistakes the Cowboys pull out another victory.

Week 3 Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (WIN)
This game was an all-out dismantlement of the Bucs. The Cowboys win big! Demarco Murray has a career day. The Bucs secondary looks worse than the Cowboys secondary from last season by far and it doesn’t take Romo long to exploit it. This game leaves all the Cowboys fans sleeping soundly with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads.

Week 4 Vs. Chicago Bears (WIN)
Jay Cutler’s wild “fling the ball” mentality works out for the Cowboys Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr who both have INT’s in this game. I will give some of the credit to Demarcus Ware for being in his face almost every time he had the ball in his hands. The Cowboys game planned to shut down the run and do just that leaving a bruised limping Matt Forte in their path. Brandon Marshall puts up great numbers but it isn’t enough to overcome Cutlers interceptions. Week 4 and already Marshall is seen by cameras imploding on the sidelines and yelling at Jay Cutler.

Week 5 Vs. The Media (WIN)
Well another bye week has come and gone. The undefeated Cowboys had another victory to add to their season. Not one player was arrested or involved in anything that would take this team on a trip to negativetown. Although all Dallas area media are sporting their sad faces the team remains on the right path.

Week 6 Vs. Baltimore Ravens (LOSS)
The Ravens veteran defense once again causes problems for the Cowboys. Ray Rice slices through the line and puts up amazing numbers. Romo tries all he can to get them back after falling behind but it is too little too late. Romo forces throws and commits two costly turnovers. It is looking like I may be at this game so I pray that I am wrong on this one!

Week 7 At Carolina Panthers (WIN)
As expected Cam Newton puts on a show. He was running around like a mad man until Demarcus Ware got ahold of him, the sack left him slow to get up and rather ineffective afterward. Although Cam had a good game, the Panthers Defense allowed Romo to pick it apart. Cowboys win big.

Week 8 Vs. New York Giants (LOSS)
Apparently the Giants got their little feelings hurt on week one and brought that hostility into Cowboys stadium with them. The Giants Defense was all over anything the Cowboys tried offensively. Romo had a terrible day. He threw 3 interceptions and got dinged in the game as well. This game was played hard by the Cowboys but ended up being a loss in the end.

Week 9 Vs. Atlanta Falcons (WIN)
This was a rough game and the winner was decided in the last two minutes. The Cowboys were down and looked to be out but Romo gathered the guys and lead them to a come from behind victory over the Falcons.

Week 10 At Philadelphia Eagles (LOSS)
Once again the Eagles make the Cowboys look Silly. It is nowhere near the 54 – 14 blowout of last season but it showed that the Eagles were the better team by a hefty score difference. Half of the Philly fans didn’t even know they won until the next day because they do not have TV’s in the stadium jail cells.

Week 11 Vs. Cleveland Browns (WIN)
The Cleveland Browns continue their consecutive disappointing season’s streak. They do not look good at all no matter who it seems to play the quarterback position. At this point they seem as if they would be better off with their ball boy throwing passes for them. Cowboys win in convincing fashion and seem to have put the Philly loss behind them and be back on track.

Week 12 Vs. Washington Redskins (WIN)
Happy Thanksgiving! RG III is stringing together an amazing season up until this point. His return to Texas did not play out as he had hoped though. He was injured when scrambling to pick up yards and drilled into the ground by Demarcus Ware. The Redskins defense has also gelled and looking very good. So good in fact that they are making the Cowboys Offense look rushed on almost every play. But it doesn’t pay off in the end and Romo leads the Cowboys to another victory. Someone get that man a turkey with multiple legs on it!

Week 13 Vs. Philadelphia Eagles (WIN)
Finally the Cowboys find a way to get a win against the Eagles. It was not pretty what so ever but it was a win. Vick almost brought the Eagles back on a last minute drive but was cut short by Brandon Carr jumping a route and stealing that last chance right out of the air. Finally getting to see the Eagles walk into the locker room looking deflated made me feel good about my Cowboys. They are finally coming together and playing as a team.

Week 14 At Cincinnati Bengals (WIN)
The Cowboys defense stays aggressive and the Bengals do not stand a chance. The Cowboys easily put the Bengals behind them and look forward to the Steelers.

Week 15 Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (LOSS)
Although the Cowboys fought hard the Steelers physical style of play was just too much. It was a close game but Pittsburgh pulled it out in the end.

Week 16 Vs. New Orleans Saints (WIN)
The Saints organization is in shambles. The allegations of wrong doing this offseason are tough for them to overcome. They also are without some of their star players and a head coach. Drew Brees couldn’t do enough to overcome the adversity and the Cowboys pull out another victory.

Week 17 At Washington Redskins (LOSS)
The Cowboys first meeting was hard enough to squeak a win in. This time the Cowboys were unable to do enough to get a win. Not to discredit the Redskin players but Dallas sat most of their starters since they were already guaranteed a playoff spot.

11-5 is good enough to get into the playoffs. We will have to wait and see who we would play and who is stepping up as this year’s NFC powerhouse. The AFC seems to have a few teams that are expected to be in the playoffs year after year. The NFC does not seem to have these teams. I think this will change in the future with not only the entire NFC East getting better, but also the 49ers, and Packers starting to emerge as very good teams as well.