Seahawk’s Unger May Be a Cowboy in 2013


Looking back at the 2009 NFL draft, many fans and critics consider this one of the worst drafts in Dallas Cowboys history. There were alot of head scratchers that year of why Jerry Jones and company had made such ludicrous decisions, and going with quantity over quality.

There were 12 selections made that weekend :

1. 3rd round ( 69th overall ) Jason Williams OLB ( no longer with team )
2. 3rd round ( 75th overall ) Robert Brewster OT ( no longer with team )
3. 4th round ( 101st overall ) Stephen McGee QB ( current #3 QB )
4. 4th round ( 110th overall ) Victor Butler OLB ( current #2 LOLB )
5. 4th round ( 120th overall ) Brandon Williams OLB ( no longer with team )
6. 5th round ( 143rd overall ) DeAngelo Smith CB ( no longer with team )
7. 5th round ( 166th overall ) Michael Hamlin FS ( no longer with team )
8. 5th round ( 172nd overall ) David Buehler K ( no longer with team )
9. 6th round ( 197th overall ) Stephen Hodge SS ( no longer with team )

10. 6th round ( 208th overall ) John Phillips TE ( current #2 TE )
11. 7th round ( 227th overall ) Mike Mickens CB ( no longer with team )
12. 7th round ( 229th overall ) Manuel Johnson WR ( no longer with team )

Of the 12 players selected that year, only 3 remain as of right now, and none of them are no more than reserve players, even though I give John Phillips his due, he plays a very important role, serving as a top backup to future hall of famer, Jason Witten.

The Cowboys had entered the draft with no 1st round selection, as they had traded that pick ( 20th overall ) to the Detroit Lions for Wide Receiver Roy Williams, and as Cowboy fans, we all know how well that turned out.

But during the draft, the Cowboys were sitting pretty in the 2nd round with the 51st overall pick, the war room was all but jumping up and down when the player they had been eye balling was about to drop in their lap. When suddenly from out of nowhere, like a bird had swooped in and stole their dinner, that player was gone, off the board, and into the laps of the Seattle Seahawks.

You see, the Chicago Bears was just two selections ahead of the Boys and looking at a defensive end, but they felt if they could wait, they could snag him later on down the board. The Seahawks and the Cowboys had the same idea, so the Seahawks traded with the Bears at the 49th pick, and selected Oregon’s talented Offensive Lineman, Max Unger.

Unger, 26, who had started all 4 years with the Ducks playing Guard, Center, and Tackle, could play anywhere on the offensive line. He was named to the All – Pac 10 First Team twice in his career, and he was valued as a top Guard/Center coming into the NFL.

Now going into his 4th year, and the final year of his contract, and will become an unrestricted free agent in 2013. Unger has turned into one of the best Center’s in the league. The Cowboys still have Phil Costa, Kevin Kowalski, Bill Nagy, and possibly newly signed MacKenzy Bernadeau fighting for the starting center role this season. But none of these players have the skills, and strength that Unger possesses, and this is something the Cowboys may consider once free agency begins next March.

Of course this is all speculation, but something to consider, because had the Seahawks had not made that trade with the Bears in 2009, that draft may have turned out to be a better one than it did. And it is very possibly Jerry Jones may try to makeup for what he missed out on.

And if the Cowboys are going to sign any unrestricted free agents next year, why not start with the one they were set to draft just a few years earlier.