The Dallas Cowboys Third Wide Receiver Options


The Dallas Cowboys currently have a pair of very good receiving threats in Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. Dez having a year to digest the playbook and get a little more mature will certainly help as well. The real question is, now that Laurent Robinson has taken his services elsewhere, who will be the number three receiver?

Laurent Robinson’s numbers last year were amazing but I think it would have been hard to replicate a season like that again. For the money he was demanding we had to let him walk. There is a long line of folks ready for their chance to shine right now. Instead of just throwing some old played out veteran in there like usual I think we are actually going to let them fight it out. I am looking forward to this very much. There is a wide range of different players to choose from. Here are the ones I came up with.

There is the veteran, Kevin Ogletree who was already been handed the 3rd receiver spot and failed. I am pretty sure we know what we have in K.O. I do not think he will even make final roster cuts this year. That being said I have heard good things about his off season moves. I have been hearing that he is moving in the right direction and is ready to step up. We will see if that is the case or not soon enough.
Andre Holmes was picked up last year and spent a year on the practice squad. He is a tall guy at 6’5” and 208lbs. Receivers coach Jimmy Robinson apparently likes this guy so maybe there is something to him.

Raymond Radway is in there too at 6’3″, 193 lbs. He would give amazing speed to the receiving corp. since his 40-time was 4.32. I’m sure you all remember him from last year’s preseason. He was the one that was looking really good and then broke his ankle on the last play of the preseason. I actually like him and I think he will make this decision quite interesting.

Dwayne Harris is shorter at 5’10” and 208 lbs. He was last year’s 6th round pick up. He was released last year but then brought back. Ultimately Laurent Robinson was picked over him.

The newest option is little Danny Coale. He was just selected in the 5th round this year. Danny is 5’11” and 201 lbs and due to his size, speed, and route running ability has already been compared to Wes Welker. The fact that Danny is faster and stronger than Welker is amazing. He will be all people are talking about when training camp arrives. He sort of reminds me of an old player of ours I liked named Danny Amendola. Coale is said to run crisp routes and have a niche for finding holes in defenses.

There are other receivers as well. Saalim Hakin runs a 4.31 40 so he is easily the fastest of the bunch but I honestly don’t think he can pass Radway on the depth chart. He has a year under his belt, is taller, and is almost as fast.
Donovan Kemp is also in the conversation even though I don’t know much about him. He was undrafted but it said to be an explosive prospect. He is not ready for the third receiver spot though in my own opinion.

The Cowboys will keep at least five receivers, maybe six. It will be interesting to see who is picked as the number three guy but my money is on Radway. He has a year in the system now and is quite fast. I think having two bigger, more aggressive receivers on the outside that the 3rd guy needs speed. While a fast Wes Welker type would be amazing, I just do not think Coale will do enough to pass Radway by the end of training camp. I may be wrong, but only time will tell. It will be interesting to watch it all play out in training camp. Besides, who knows, the third receiver may not even be on this list or even this team. Patrick Crayton is still out there floating in free agent land.