The Conventional Wisdom Of Dallas Cowboy Nation


The recent news of Martellus Bennett’s 291 lbs weigh in at the New York Giants OTA made me smile -and not just because he now weighs more than me.  The news made me smile because I, like most Dallas Cowboys fans (at least most those who had an opinion and shared), saw this coming to some degree.  It was a sense of  vindication.  The same sense I had when Alan Ball went unsigned by the Cowboys and even more so when the Houston Texans recently signed Ball.

This is obviously all ‘in my opinion’.  I’m no NFL scout, no Brian Broaddus, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.   My opinions are formed by watching the games.  I find myself interested in what the sports analysts  and talking heads have to say, but I generally form my opinions about the team or the players by what I see.  The majority of us do… right?

And if the majority of  Dallas Cowboys fans form their opinions the same way, then the opinions are probably similar, if not the same.  I call it the conventional wisdom of  Cowboys Nation.

Let me test this theory with a few examples:  IMO – Martellus Bennett was lazy, Alan Ball sucked, Terence Newman was injury prone and had lost more than a step, Felix Jones was just a guy on too many plays, Mike Jenkins avoided tackles when he could (we may know why now – he gets hurt when he tackles), Jason Witten is one of the most consistent – consistently good – football players I’ve ever seen, and Tony Romo, while clearly one of the best QBs in the league, frustratingly – in the words of Bill Parcells – goes off the reservation once in a while.  I also think, going back a ways, Roy Williams, the Safety, was only good because  Darren Woodson was back there with him, and the Cowboys should never have made

Marion Barber III the starting back – he was a closer that deserved starter money – but they shortened his career and made him much less affective by making him a starter.

Do you agree?

There are many more opinions I’ve formed while watching our Dallas Cowboys play week in, week out and year in, year out.  Some, I’m sure are just mine and few would agree with me on those (and are quick to say so in the comments, which I welcome).  But there are far more opinions that I think are common among most in Cowboys Nation.  We know what we see, regardless of the analysts and talking heads.

The New York Giants listened to the analysts and talking heads and bit on the untapped potential of Martellus Bennett as a receiving Tight End.  They should have asked a Dallas Cowboys fan, we would have told them the most you’re gonna get is an extra blocker (just ask CJ), but good luck with that!  They should have consulted The Conventional Wisdom of Dallas Cowboys Nation.

Artie Cappello