Good Thing Dallas Cowboys Got A ‘Sure Starter’ In Morris Claiborne



First and foremost,  trading up to draft Morris Claiborne was a good move.  How do you not get the consensus best defensive player in the draft if you have the chance?  I think, as I’m sure most of you do,  that ‘Mo’ Claiborne will be a huge upgrade and perhaps the the best corner we’ve had in Dallas since Deion Sanders.

The rest of the group I’m not so sure.

3rd round pick,Tyrone Crawford, has a lot of up side as a Defensive End and has potential to develop into a productive player.  As for this year?  Special teams and spelling the starters most likely.

Kyle Wilber, picked in the 4th round,  was a defensive end that became an outside linebacker in a 3-4 system at Wake Forest.  He also has the potential to develop into a starter but will most likely get worked into games in certain pass rush packages and on special teams.

Dallas’ other 4th round pick, Matt Johnson, a Safety out of Eastern Washington has the most potential to develop into a starter in my opinion.  But again, without going in to detail about Matt’s talent and up side,  this still remains potential, nothing as sure as Claiborne.

Danny Coale, James Hanna and Caleb McSurdy – drafted in rounds 5, 6 and 7 respectively are arguably great prospects.  Danny Coale speaks about understanding Tony Romo’s style of play.  James Hanna idolized Jason Witten and Caleb McSurdy has that potential to develop into that inside linebacker that can stop the run and drop back in coverage.

I like all of our picks this year.  I also like some of undrafted free agent pick ups, but thats for another article.  The concern I have is that in this draft, we may have picked only 1 starter.  This after Jason Garrett suggested that the first 3 rounds should yield starters in each round.

I’ve also heard the argument that we are a top heavy team, talent wise.  Maybe this draft fills that need – to improve talent in the 2nd and 3rd string at certain positions.  Did this draft accomplish that?  Only time will tell.

As Jason Garrett pointed out, we really needed 2 or 3 starters out of this draft.  I know we got at least 1 .


– Wonderlic – shmunderlic

– Did you hear Stephen Jones comments during the draft?  Sure sounded very GM-like to me.  Jerry is still the GM, right?

– How did drop Tony Romo from 72 to 91 on their Top 100 players list after his best statistical year of his career? That’s 4 spots ahead of Tim Tebow and 12th out of the 13 QB’s that made the list.  Really?

– I met a couple on vacation in Lake Powell, UT.  Big Cowboys fans.  They saw my Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt and sparked a conversation, 4th time in a day and a half in the southwest desert a Cowboys fan stopped and started a conversation.  Made me wonder how many Detroit Lions (insert any team here) fans experience the same thing in the same places.  I do realize the arrogance of that thought.

– Staying on that same subject, cool how many of the players we drafted commented that their families were big Cowboys fans. Even from Louisiana. one sports reporter wrote that half the people in Shreveport, LA were Dallas Cowboys fans, the other half Saints fans.

– The last time the Dallas Cowboys drafted a CB in the 1st round it was Mike Jenkins.  Now he’s trade bait.

Artie Cappello