Cowboys 2012 Draft Day Edition: A Final Glance At Pick 14

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As the showcase moment approaches, I’m swaying towards Jerry Jones not duplicating his solid, safe early draft approach of 2011, and will instead lean towards a player he feels may payoff even beyond draft scout evaluations.  The gambler in Jones will return tonight, yet this time in a more tolerable dosage.  I don’t believe he will take as big of a risk as selecting Dontari Poe if available, as it would rightfully ruffle many of the Cowboys faithful already distressed feathers.  However, I do believe Jerry took great notice of the Giants playoff success and what continually gets them over the hump with an above average secondary…dominant defensive line play and QB pressure.  The NFL is a copy-cat league and Jerry Jones would be a prime candidate to copy his biggest foe of 2011 by attempting to field dominance on the defensive front.

That being said, I now believe Jones will select Michael Brockers of LSU to lead his charge.  Brockers certainly fits well into the wildcard mold Jones likes to flirt with.  He has great size (6’6,322) and dominant college production at the tackle position.  He is still a wildcard to NFL teams due to leaving LSU after his redshirt-sophomore season and with only a year of starting under his belt.  So while he had solid production at a strong program, it’s widely accepted he is still raw, has much to refine, yet holds intense room to explode through the ceiling.  To further my new Brockers prediction, the despised Philadelphia Eagles happen to be sitting right behind Dallas at pick 15 and most experts believe they are chomping at the bit to land him.

Brockers seems to match Jones’ gambler mentality too well to overlook.  He can help attempt to duplicate a dominant defensive line and cause havoc like the Giants.  Jerry can trump the Eagles out of their likely coveted player, and also have the satisfaction of selecting a wildcard who may become a star beyond current expectations.  We know Jerry continuously strives to this day to prove his player grading skills as a general manager are competent.

As for the Austin mentality, I’d have mixed emotions with this choice.  From what I’ve seen from Brockers, the player looks explosive against great competition and a real force in spurts.  He is routinely a very solid player, absolutely dominant in waves, yet does display inconsistencies at times.  Also at LSU he had the luxury of other solid tackles regularly rotating in and keeping him fresh.  I do see the high ceiling and believe he very likely could be a complete stud on the inside in time.  Yet I also feel there are great players with a much higher chance of immediate strong production that Dallas would sacrifice by taking this risk.  And such a risk just does not seem to be the right play with the first-round pick in 2012.


One way or another brewing excitement now fills the air as loyal Cowboys fans bare down to lasso their new future star.  After tonight the burning sting of 2011 officially dies and brave new hope is on the horizon.  Signing free agents is exciting but what those players bring to the table is mostly a known product.  Drafting new young players represents change and progress through unknown, yet unlimited potential.

Mark Barron could invoke memories of the beloved Darren Woodson and transform the Cowboys car wreck secondary into a feared wrecking ball alongside Brandon Carr.

David DeCastro might be a breakaway bull dozer pairing with Tyron Smith and mauling the way for DeMarco Murray to plow through the nastiest defensive lines like hot butter.  The 2012 schedule is chalked full of them.

Michael Brockers would induce gasps when announced.  Goose bumps take over after watching his clips and dreaming of him knifing through the heart of the Eagles’ line, while Jay Ratliff and DeMarcus Ware maul Michael Vick off the edge like rabid dogs.

On the flipside, some Dallas fans could drool over the potential of Dontari Poe’s massive size and strength stuffing the gut of the Giants offense.  While other fans moan in disgust believing Jerry once again went all Al Davis and JaMarcus Russell’d them out of a stud, day one starter.

It’s the 2012 NFL Draft and Round One kicks off tonight…anything and everything is possible.  Buckle your chinstraps Cowboys fans, kick back and enjoy the bumpy yet intriguing ride.  From my seat here’s hoping a Barron or DeCastro rightfully earns his star at the podium tonight.