Rhyme Time, A Dallas Cowboy Lullaby


I just thought I’d try a little fun and create a Dallas Cowboys rhyme. Some may like it and some may not. I’m not a poet by any means but I just thought I’d try. So here it is.

There resides a team in Dallas, that play in a billion dollar palace.

The team consists of beast, on the top of the NFC east.

A receiver that plays like a giant, everyone loves Dez Bryant.

Another by the name of  Miles, that runs them and constantly smiles.

A back in DeMarco Murray, running hard and always in a hurry.

Don’t forget about Felix Jones, and the quick speed he owns.

And Jason Witten the Tight End, would be any quarterbacks best friend.

A passer that’s named Antonio, better known by the last name of Romo.

With a offense that’s packed with talent, great defense will keep it all balanced.

It starts with DeMarcus Ware, a quarterbacks worst nightmare.

When Jay Ratliff’s on the tackle, like rice krispie’s you hear bones crackle.

Franchised Anthony Spencer, always a great run defenser.

With Sean Lee behind the line, he’s there for the tackle every time.

Improvements made at cornerback, ‘cause last year they played like crap.

Jerry bought a 50mil Carr, with hopes he’s the next super star.

Although the defense improved, we still have much work to do.

To perfectly end the story, we need to get back to Super Bowl glory.

I know it may be a little corny, but I had fun writing it. A lot of you may not think the Dallas Cowboys have a chance to reach the Super Bowl but I believe they can. The team went 8-8 last year but was not a 8-8 team. When you look back to the first game the Cowboys should have won that game against the New York Jets. That was a fluke to lose after the 14 point lead they had in the fourth quarter. Then came the 24 point lead that was blown to the Detroit Lions, witch made me want to vomit. Then came a comeback by Brady and the New England Patriots late in the fourth quarter. Week 8 was an embarrassing loss to the Philadelphia Eagles that I believe was at fault to a holding penalty in the Cowboys first possession and a interception that Bennett let bounce off his hands. (I’m glad he’s gone) Those two plays forced the Cowboys to abandon the game plan they originally had witch consisted of a lot more of DeMarco Murray running. Next was a loss against the Arizona Cardinals that was truly at the fault of Jason Garrett by calling the timeout that took away the winning field goal. Then the game were a 12 point fourth quarter lead was blown against the New York Giants. Another loss to the Eagles after Romo’s hand got banged up on his second pass attempt witch put the ball McGee’s hands. Then finally was the last loss to the Giants that, even with Romo’s softball sized hand, looked like the Cowboys were going to make a comeback but fell short.

The Dallas cowboys should have gone 13-3 last season. I think that with a full training camp for the defense it will allow Rob Ryan to perfect his schemes into the players. That and a little more upgrading in draft and free agency, the Cowboys are going to have a great season in 2012.

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