Tony Romo: Love Him or Hate Him?


Every season as a Cowboys fan I hear some horrible things said about Tony Romo. The worst part is that most of those words come from other Cowboys fans. How can a loyal fan hate a player that came in to this league undrafted? I could understand if he played like a undrafted player, but he doesn’t. Tony Romo is the best undrafted football to ever join the NFL. He has had some bad games but what player hasn’t? Even Peyton Manning has had bad games. I know all the bad Romo talk wont stop until he wins a Super Bowl. Why didn’t people say things about Peyton Manning? He was Tony Romo’s age when he won his first and only Super Bowl. John Elway didn’t win until his last two seasons and Dan Marino never won one. Is a great quarterback what it takes to win a Super Bowl? It helps. Can a bad quarterback win a Super Bowl? Absolutely.

The Oakland Raiders had a quarterback named Jim Plunkett and won two. Jim plunkett is the only quarterback to win two Super Bowls and not make it to the Hall Of Fame. Jim Plunkett threw almost 200 interceptions in his career and only 164 touchdowns. His quarterback rating was only 67.5 and he is a 2 time Super Bowl champion. The only quarterback in Raider history worst than him was JaMarcus Russell. I don’t think I need to explain how bad Russell was.

The point is a quarterback doesn’t make a whole team. Last season DeMarcus Ware was amazing but the Cowboys defense sucked. You can’t blame the defense on Ware. How can the blame of the whole teams performance be put on a guy that threw 31 touchdowns only 10 interceptions and a 102.5 rating?  Tony Romo’s completion percentage is equivalent to Jim Plunkett’s QB rating.

What is the worlds opinion of Drew Brees? Everyone loves him. He did a great job last season no doubt about it. He threw 1200 more yards than Tony Romo, and also threw almost 140 more passes than Romo. Brees averaged 11.7 yards per pass caught, Romo averaged 12. Can we honestly say Brees is a better quarterback? People will say that but if he didn’t have a Super Bowl ring I doubt they would.

What about Tom Brady? Absolute great quarterback all the way around. Other than the time he refused to shake Peyton Manning’s hand after a playoff lost, he is the best professional in the league. His career stats are a 96.4 passer rating, 7.5 yards per pass attempt, and 63% pass completions. Tony Romo tops all three of those categories.

And what about Eli Manning? C’mon people he is very lucky to have won two Super Bowls. If you were to line up all multiple Super Bowl winners in order from worst to best Eli would be standing next to Plunkett. Simple fact is Eli won two championships and he is better than Romo right? I guess that would make him better than Tom Brady as well since he won both Super Bowls against him. Lets not kid ourselves, Eli is as elite as much as a Big Mac is gourmet meal. He has a career rating of 82.1 and a 58% pass completion.

The Green Bay Packers had a great team last year. I’m going to give the credit to the team not Aaron Rodgers. I might feel differently if Matt Flynn didn’t come in the last game and shatter records in a single game. That performance showed me that the team is what makes teams great not just a quarterback. I honestly believe that Flynn will be a better passer than Rodgers.

Any way back to Tony Romo. Romo is in the top 5 of all passing categories in the NFL. With the exception of a few teams the whole NFL would give almost anything to have Romo on there roster. So why do people hate him? Why do people like to replace the “R” in Romo with an “H”? I guess I wasn’t informed that the meaning of “homo” is dating Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson and marrying a beauty queen that won the Miss Missouri, and placed top 10 in the Miss USA pageant. If that’s a homo then sign me up. I just want people to see the true facts and forget about the very  few mistakes so Tony Romo can get the respect he deserves. He is the quarterback for Americas Team and I will support him ’till the end.

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