The Many Faces of Dallas Cowboys Fans


Dallas Cowboys-related Tweet Of The Week: @Conner_G “It’s a Sunday and I have no football to cheer for. This must be what it’s like to be a Cowboys fan during the playoffs.”

It’s an understatement to say the Dallas Cowboys are a popular franchise. The title of “America’s Team” notwithstanding, the massive amount of fans that support (or despise) the silver and blue is evident year after year. Whether you love to hate them or hate to love them, it’s impossible not to find the Cowboys being talked about somewhere about something. Because the Landry Hat is a Cowboys fan blog and I am a proud member of the True Blue Fan Club, I’ve decided to focus this article on some well-known pairs of celebrities who also support Big D.

Pete Sampras- One of the greatest tennis players of all time cheers for the Dallas Cowboys, despite being born in Maryland and living in Los Angeles. He has the same number of US Open championships that the Cowboys have Super Bowl titles.

Monica Seles- Staying with the tennis theme momentarily, even though Seles was born in Yugoslavia to an ethnic Hungarian family, she still has been known to root for the ‘Boys. Some could say that, like Dallas, she reached her peak in the mid-90s.

George W Bush- Regardless of your political preference, the former president certainly is on our side for his football preference and he currently lives in a suburb of Dallas. If you remember, he conducted the inaugural coin toss at Cowboys Stadium.

Clarence Thomas- Again, it doesn’t matter where you stand on the political field, because we’re united with Thomas on the football field. Like Jimmy Johnson, he succeeded a very prominent figure in his career.

Gary Busey- The actor was born and raised in Texas, so it’s nice to see a native Texan as a fan of the Cowboys. If you look at old games from the 1990s, he was seen several times at Texas Stadium.

Jamie Foxx- Sticking with the acting theme, Foxx is another Texan who has put his allegiance with America’s Team. Personally, Collateral is one of my favorite movies of all time and it’s made even better, knowing that Foxx is a fellow Cowboys fan.

LeBron James- Despite being born and raised in Ohio, it was James’ decision to decide to cheer for the Cowboys. People have talked whether or not he could play in the NFL. I’ll take him in the secondary.

Steve Francis- Being a Knicks fan, I’m lukewarm to Francis as a basketball player, but I am happy that he chooses to root for the Boys. Did his career fizzle the same that TO’s has?

This is obviously a brief list of celebrities who share the same football team that we do, fellow fans. Now, you have something in common with some big names in the fields of sports, politics, and entertainment. Some others include Toby Keith, Tony Stewart, LeAnn Rimes, and James Caan. Again, it’s quite obvious how popular our favorite football franchise is, especially with celebrities. I wonder how much of that big-name fan base is here because of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

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