Snide Comments From The Pre-Season at Cowboys Stadium


"We're Still The Best At One Thing (Hint: Not Pyrotechnics)December 25th, 2011 12:42 AM – Just got back to Houston after driving in the freezing rain for the past FOUR hours. After a pre-season game (tongue firmly planted in cheek) in Arlington, the family and I caught a quick dinner and hit the road. I could not even listen to the radio because I knew the negativity would be absurd. I know because I heard it come from every fan in my section (C108). It makes me wonder why I even bother. Oh yeah, Merry Christmas!"

Snide Comments Sure to Piss Off My Jackass Detractors

  • If you think you learned anything from this game….. just stop it. After the New York Jets got stomped by the Giants and the score went final on the 60-yard HD television, the entire tone of the Dallas/Philly game changed (the score was 7-0 at the time). I asked my cousin, by phone, if he could notice a change in intensity and he said that it was not obvious. If you were sitting in Cowboys Stadium, however, it was very obvious. The Cowboys AND Eagles went from a playoff pad-popping level 10 to a pre-season thud level 1. I hesitate to even give an arbitrary score of level 1 seeing as in the pre-season, the rookies are at least attempting to earn a job. The starters on both sides did not care about the outcome (or their play). The “edge” had been taken off of the game. It was painfully obvious to those in attendance. That said, can you blame the teams for the drop in intensity?
  • In my section, I heard one fan (who drove from Alabama) say, “Why don’t they try to win? We can still win the division here.” I let another fan correct him. A different fan (from Dallas) was watching with his son. He believed the Cowboys should “forget about next week, this team is done for the season.” I wondered aloud to my father and fiancée if he knew who Stephen McGee was and if he knew Tony Romo’s jersey number. Still another fan (from Houston) who was visiting with his father as well, asked me if the Eagles could win the division next week. I replied that they could not. He wondered aloud why they were still playing Michael Vick. I informed him that they had nothing to lose… or gain. This game was weird to say the least. The contest started with a bang. There was a near-playoff buzz in the air at kickoff. Five short minutes later, it felt as though I was watching the Pro Bowl; with a horrible secondary for one of the teams (at least something was normal about this game).
  • Even though this is the Eagles we are talking about here, Jason Garrett did the right thing. In my weekly predictions, I got it wrong. I said that in Garrett’s “Be Great Today” approach, the Cowboys should play this game tough no matter what. I did not realize how truly wrong I was until Tony Romo went out with a bruised wrist. I HATE the Eagles. I hate them more than any of the other NFC East teams combined. I was secretly conflicted about the New York/New York game because I was anxious to see the Eagles eliminated (and I knew the Giants were going to win anyways). Knowing this, what good would it do Dallas to beat the “Dream Team” and lose their chance at the playoffs in the process? There was literally nothing to be gained by winning this game. Why risk our best players on either side of the ball? ESPECIALLY when Stephen McGee (you saw him… you saw him) is one play away from starting in the NFC East Championship Game. The same goes for Felix Jones and Sammy Morris. It also makes me wonder why Jay Ratliff, Mike Jenkins and DEMARCUS WARE played the entire game despite also having nagging injuries.
  • Jerry is Jerry. Why we think our bitching can change that is beyond me. At West Point, we used to have a saying. Embrace the suck. Today was not the first day he has gone down to the sideline and it will most certainly not be his last. All I am saying is that Jerry will be here for about 10-15 more years. If the Cowboys are going to win another Super Bowl in that time, they had better learn to Embrace the Suck and forget about trying to change something that is simply not going to change until it dies. As Forrest Gump would say, “that’s all I have to say about that.”
  • If you value your sanity, please do not try to evaluate this game analytically. Neither team cared about the outcome. I will say this: Terence Newman is pathetic. He needs to retire. I appreciate all he has done for this franchise but he is hurting way more than he is helping at this point. Terence, I like you, but this needs to be your last season. Roy Williams (OU) wants to know why you look so lost in coverage. Save the dignity of your career and show yourself the door. Blame it on injuries… we’ll buy it. Other than that, both offensively and defensively, throw this game tape in the garbage where it belongs. Any revelation you may come up with should be prefaced with, “This game was meaningless and both sides played like it, BUT.”
  • Dez Bryant hates to lose. He was the only one. I have nothing further to say on the matter.
  • DeMarcus Ware is two sacks away from being the first player in history to have two 20-sack seasons. If he breaks the single-season record for sacks (22.5) in MetLife Stadium next Sunday Night, the Cowboys will be division champions. He would need five sacks to accomplish that feat.
  • Jason Witten and Sean Lee continue to be outstanding every single week. They also continue to be “diamonds amongst trash” as our pal Emmitt once eloquently? put it.
  • Rex Ryan and Brandon Jacobs are morons. I have nothing further to say on the matter.
  • “Guys are still making mistakes not being where they are supposed to be and not playing as a fuckin’ football team.” Shut up, Orlando Scandrick. You are a SIGNIFICANT part of the problem. No one wants to hear the crying infant complain about the noise in the room.

"December 25th, 2011 2:00 AM I am tired and Santa has not yet arrived at the Contreras household. I think I need to go to bed. I asked for an NFC East Championship for Christmas… Somehow, I do not think the fat man has the present I asked for in his bag. Either that or I have been a bad boy this year. Damn it………. I knew it was my fault."

See you next week, folks. Have a Very Merry Christmas Day and remember what would really make this a successful season … a first-round loss to the Lions at home. Hah! I kid. Leave your hateful comments below.