Wednesday’s Words for the Success – The “All – Hype” Edition


Before I get to the Cowboys Words For Success, I want to take a moment to wish all of our fans, readers, and staff a Merry Christmas. My wife is thankful that the Cowboys game is on Saturday, and not on Christmas, and she will finally have a peaceful Sunday for the first time since August. I hope to see many of you at the game, giving the Eagles the warm welcome that we are always afforded at Lincoln Financial Field.

On a similar topic; I’m calling out ALL Cowboys fans. When Jerry Jones built his billion dollar playground, he envisioned a field like Lambeau, Qwest Stadium, and the Superdome, whose 12th man invoked fear into visiting teams. Cowboys’ fans have not aided their team enough. When Romo had his “collapse” against Detroit; I was there. None of the fans roared with rage when Stafford took the field, no one felt that they could possibly have changed the outcome. Instead, there were moans of disbelief and despair by all of the prissy’s sipping juice through a sippy-cup with their pinkies out. This is my challenge to you; make this stadium the dominating home field advantage it was built to be. Wear your blue & silver with pride, and yell like there’s no tomorrow. Lose the sippy-cup and grab a pint of a real beverage.

Stay tuned for Wednesdays Words for Success after the break…

Rob Ryan, your defense looked solid, although I must admit, I was worried that a 28 point lead wouldn’t be enough. The offense may not have been as fierce, but your defense came ready to play, and that’s all we can ask for. Your defense played mentally tough football, and didn’t surrender a single penalty. Your defense gave up only eight points, and if you can pull that off every game, I’ll eat my hat if the Cowboys can’t match it. I’m going to hold you to your words Rob, this “all-type” team needs to get kicked in by your bruisers, and you are the man with the plan. I want to see the swagger again; I want to see the tough-ass mentality. I see it in Mike Jenkins. He came ready to play, and he came ready to hit. His injured, brittle body threw itself around for 60 minutes, and I didn’t think he weighed enough to make the hits he was placing. His heart grew by about 30lbs. If the same happens in the entire defense, not even the 13-1 Green Bay Packers will want to see us knocking on their door.

Sammy Morris, you sir, are no couch potato. After not playing for a large majority of the season, you looked incredibly in shape and you punished the Bucs for trying to tackle you. You reminded me of the North/South Marion Barber of old, and I liked it. Although you’ve only been a Cowboy for 1 game, I’m not too going to worry too much when you’re on the field. Keep up the good work

Marty B, I think 3-4 catches is just about right for you every game. You are too harshly criticized for poor play, but that’s only by the people that don’t really watch football. All the flash & dazzle is done in the view of the camera, but you are one of the best blockers on this team. Your pass-catching leaves to be desired, but the reason that you haven’t been cut from the team is that your run-blocking ability, mixed in with your semi-opportunistic pass catching ability makes you a very valuable asset. But please don’t tip a ball into Asomugha’s hands on Saturday, it makes Romo look bad.

Felix Jones, hearing that you were not at practice was very disturbing. I hope it was precautionary in order to keep you in top shape for the next six weeks (yeah, that’s right; I said it. 6 weeks = deep playoff run). You said you’ve learned that you need to be a “harder” runner, from watching the rookie (Murray) pound his weight between the tackles and it shows. You’ve surpassed the century mark in yards in each of the past two weeks, and this offense will need to you to do the same plus some this week to keep the ball away from Vick, and to attack the horrible linebackers for the Eagles. Eat your Wheaties, Felix. I have a feeling that #28 is in for 28 touches.

Tony Romo, Mr. November my ‘you-know-what’. You’re playing lights out football, and coincidentally you beat the team that forgot to pay its’ electric bill, thus interrupting Monday Night Football. If you don’t make the Pro-bowl, and the likes of Stafford, Ryan, or Smith make it instead, I, along with plenty of Cowboys fans, will be extremely upset. I’m talking riots in the streets here. Stafford would be nothing without Megatron, and you have shown that you can lose your favorite receiver and not even blink. I have a feeling that this upcoming game is not going to be in your hands to win, because the Eagles are so poor against the run, but you will get your chances, and you will make the best of them. You have the best tackle in football guarding you, and a not too shabby tackle on the other side. The Eagles will get a couple of sacks, but you will get the W and knock them out of the playoffs. I think the only scenario that would be better is beating them to get home field advantage, and then beating them again in the playoffs. Oh wait, that happened back in 2009. Oh, and I think that #9 has thrown all the picks he’s going to throw this season; 9.

DeMarcus Ware, hurt or not; this team needs you to play at your best. I know firsthand that stingers can be painful, but I didn’t have the world’s best doctor’s and sports medicine folk working on me. Get healthy, and quick, because if this defense is going to hold Vick and Manning to less points than our offense can score, we need you on the field. And think, 7 sacks and you pass up Michael Strahan’s tooth gap.