Dallas Cowboy’s Tony Romo: ‘Mr November’!


Major league Baseball’s Reggie Jackson earned the nickname ‘Mr October’ because regardless of the regular season, Reggie always played his best, which was great, in October. That’s who he was. (side note: He was ‘Mr A**hole’ in person though.  I know, I had the misfortune of meeting him once).  Anyway, Reggie played for and got paid for October: the Pennant and the World Series.

After another great game Sunday, where Romo went 23/37 292 yards and 3 TD’s and zero INT’s (for a 3rd straight game) as Dallas won 27 to 24 in OT, the case can easily be made that Tony Romo can claim the month of November for himself.  Since 2006 Tony does his best quarterbacking, 18 – 2, in November….But you all know this.  We have all been hit over the head with this stat all day Sunday.  Being a Romosapien, the whole story makes me happy…. But, all things considered, also makes me wish that Tony Romo was ‘Mr December’ or Mr January’ instead.

Now for this weeks POINTS and OBSERVATIONS:

-Dan Bailey continues to impress me, which makes me wonder how long have we been missing a kicking game.

-It wasn’t too long ago that I was hoping for Tashard Choice to make his move on the roster and replace Felix Jones. Should I be embarrassed about that?

-Maybe it’s just me, but we missed Fiametta out there yesterday.

-I think Tony Romo likes his new spin move.

-More Cowboys fans showed up at FedEx Field than I thought we had in DC…Brave.  Actually, one of those Cowboys fans at the game, Codey – a friend of mine that lives near there – told me that he thought about a fifth of the stadium was Dallas fans and the Redskins fans were polite enough to him with no issues. Another Cowboy fan at the game told him “If we were in Philly, we’d a gotten our ass beat by now”.  So true…

-It doesn’t seem to matter who the Defensive Coordinator is, Dallas seems to have let downs in the last minute of  halfs and end of games w-a-y too often.

-As I said after the Seattle game, a win is a win…right?

-Gerald Sensabaugh is the most improved player on this team.  Montrae Holland is next.

-Best beard: CB Frank Walker

-Still sucks being a Dallas Cowboy fan in Southern California this year. It’s becoming increasingly common that FOX network doesn’t think much about Cowboys Nation.  I get that the Green Bay Packers are undefeated, but at least switch to the more competitive game and air the overtime.  For goodness sake!, we are still America’s Team, the most popular NFL team as recently as two weeks ago in a nation poll.

-I can’t help but start to do the playoff math.

-Non Cowboys observation:  Kurt Warner is a devout Christian, like Tim Tebow. When Kurt played football, I’m sure he prayed – alot – .  Didn’t ever seem a distraction or Holy-er than Thou.  Also, when we kneel and pray in our house’s of worship, we are praying – not Tebowing.

-This weeks ‘Waste of Roster Spots’ list:

Kevin Ogletree – no explanation necessary

Alan Ball – don’t see him on the roster next year

Akwasi Owusu-Ansah – why on God’s good earth is this guy returning kicks or punts?

Bradie James and Martellus Bennett – yea, I know, they played better this week.  Still, these two are locks to not be Cowboys next year. ( along with the others on this list)

This just in: We’re in 1st place. Who saw that coming a couple weeks ago.

Happy Thanksgiving Cowboys Nation!  Lets all Tebow, because we need to beat Miami at home on Turkey Day.