In Case You Missed it, The Cowboys Beat the Seahawks


There I was, all set to TiVo the Dallas Cowboys – Seattle Seahawks game.  It was more important to me than usual because of the half-time Ring of Honor Induction for Drew Pearson, Larry Allen and Charles Haley.  I searched time and  cable channel for 10am Pacific time  on Fox (channel 11 here) only to find the 49ers vs Redskins game…WHAT!?  Maybe I had the time wrong and checked 1pm.  Nope.  How can this be?  Where is the Dallas Cowboys game?  It has to be on, its a no brainer.  They’re adding 3 players to the Ring today!  I don’t get it.  At work we have Direct TV, I’ll have to watch it there. Wrong again, it’s 49ers – Redskins on Direct TV too.  This is unbelievable!  I thought it out,  the only Southern Cal team is in the AFC, so it would be on CBS. Regardless, the Chargers are Sunday night this week.  Why, then, the 49ers?  San Francisco is not in our TV sphere of influence (this is the process you go through here when you follow an NFL team out of state.  An advantage of having no LA team in the NFL).  So I say to my friend that this makes no sense.  America’s Team is inducting players into the Ring of Honor, how can this not be televised?  Then my friend, a Chiefs fan, brought levity to this chaos with this simple reply: ” The 49ers are like 6 and 1 aren’t they? Don’t they usually show the teams with better records when there’s no home team? “

And there you have it.  My friend did not have to point out my arrogance of expecting the Dallas game to be aired over all other teams.   It wasn’t necessary to make the argument that the San Francisco 49ers are a California team and in the NFC.  All my friend had to do to put my self made frenzy into perspective was remind me that 49ers were like 6 and 1.  Which reminded me that my Cowboys were like 3 and 4… and there’s the downfall to living in Southern California when you’re a Cowboys fan AND your team sucks a little.  When the Dallas Cowboys are average or mediocre, people outside Texas no longer tune in.  That’s a tough pill to swallow.   (I still can’t imagine anyone would rather watch the 49ers when the Cowboys are playing)  Anyway, undaunted like the e-trade baby, I resorted to my smart phone to watch/listen to the game.  As it turned out, except for the Ring of Honor Induction Ceremony, I didn’t  miss very much. The whole Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys game can best be summed up with this verse from a Bare Naked Ladies song – ‘try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn‘.

Now for this weeks POINTS and OBSERVATIONS:

-A win is a win… right?

Did Jason Garrett discipline  Tony Romo by reeling him in on National TV for a couple weeks. Sure looked like Jason let Tony off restriction against Seattle. (lesson learned. And lesson learned by Garrett – Cowboys Nation, Jerry Jones and all of sports media want to see ‘Romo being Romo’ interceptions and all. More on this in another article later this week)

-Miles Austin has been a factor in exactly 1 game this year, against San Fran.

-Women have the glass ceiling, the Cowboys have the invisible plane of the Goal line.

-Sean Lee is clearly the key to Dallas’  run defense.

-DeMarco Murray, as predicted by some when drafted, will take over the starting Running Back role. And for a new prediction, Felix Jones will be phased out within two years. The long running back experiment is over. We found Murray and Tanner.

-If Dallas is secretly rebuilding (they are), they better hurry, several key players don’t have much time left and deserve to be on a better team.

-When it was 6 – 6 at Halftime, both Seattle and Dallas knew it was 21 – 6 in every way but the score.

-Two Kickers and two Punters, what unfortunate wastes of roster spots.

Speaking of wastes of roster spots, here is my new list:

Martellus Bennett – I don’t care about the blocking

Kevin Ogletree – gets a reprieve due to Austin’s injury, I’d rather use Jesse Holley or call up Dwayne Harris, but that’s just me

David Buehler – I bet next year we carry an extra Linebacker and one Kicker

Bradie James – Y’all know I’ve never liked Bradie, now even he says “the writings on the wall”

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