Ok Dallas Cowboys and Cowboys Nation, All At Once Now….WHEW!!


The Dallas Cowboys have been performing their own version of  ‘Waiting to Exhale’ since the season began. They’ve been making the Cowboy Nation collectively hold our breath with every lead, every interception, every game!

Well, after yesterday’s game was over, I have to admit, though we are just 6 games into this mad season, I exhaled a little bit.  I know!, I know!, silly me, right?. The first sign of any dominance by these Dallas Cowboys and, yes,  I got weak. I let out a little ‘WHEW’…and that’s not all. I also let out a ‘FINALLY‘, and even a ‘THANK YOU JESUS’!  And you know what?  It felt good.  I’m proud of it! Because next week we go to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love (except for the soul-less, “hooray! Michael Irvin broke his neck” Iggles fans) and play the Eagles, and I then I will have to hold my breath again.  So ‘WHEW‘. There, I did it again. Our Dallas Cowboys beat the hapless St. Louis Rams, dominated them from start to finish. So, I’m exhaling today.. and maybe even tomorrow. Hey, won’t you join me? It’s OK, don’t be afraid, it feels good. Lets all exhale! ..Ready? All at once now!….’WHHEW–FREAKIN–HEWW’

Now, let me catch my breath and go over my Points and Observations:

I think Tashard Choice is all but done in Dallas. They keep denying it, they keep giving him the ball in obligatory situations, but Jason Garrett treats him like he is an odd shaped piece of the puzzle and he’s just trying to make him fit somewhere. I’ve been a Choice fan since he got here, but I’m off the band wagon. This is just sad.

While on the running backs, Demarco Murray runs with no hip swivel. Not to take anything away from him. What a great day for DeMarco Murray and the Dallas Cowboys, 253 yards rushing! Wow! Reminds me of  Miles Austins break out game against Kansas City a couple years ago. Congratulations kid! …  Still, he runs without any swivel in his hips, kinda like Felix Jones. Felix, however, gets lower and his knees get higher when he runs.  When everyone is healthy, Felix Jones and Demarco Murray should be the tandem, with Phillip Tanner mixed in as a change of pace. Face it Garrett, with a break out performance like Murray just had, Choice doesn’t fit anymore.

Do you get the sense that the Offensive Line was always supposed to look like this? I mean, I know this was the Rams we are talking about, but this line, with Holland and  especially when Dockery gets back is a little beefier yet still has mobility.

Why is everyone using the ‘manage‘ word when referring to Tony Romo’s play? As in ‘Tony managed the game well today’ or ‘with the running game working, Romo was able to manage the game better’. Really? Is this the trendy word of the week? It’s stupid. Of course Tony is going to try and be more careful, but this week’s passing game had more to do with game planning than QB management.

Welcome back Dez Bryant. Seems the Rams game planned to take Miles Austin out of the game, but that left Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. Pick your poison.

Rob Ryan’s Defense keeps getting better. I am just the slightest bit concerned that we are not sacking the QB as much as I thought we would.

Haven’t we always had difficulties in the Red Zone since Jason Garrett’s been here? Look back, watch some old games from two or three years ago. Seems like we’ve been dealing with this for a long time.

I am going to start keeping a list of the players whose time is coming to an end with Dallas, at least in my opinion. I call it:

‘The Clock is Ticking List’

*Tashard Choice– an easy pick, and will always be on it

*Martellus Bennett– another easy pick for me

*David Buehler– may be a formality. The long kick offs are beginning to fade as a good reason to keep this guy

*David Arkin– this 4th round pick was replaced by 7th round pick Bill Nagy in training camp. When Nagy went down, the Cowboys looked outside the organization instead of moving Arkin up the depth chart. can you say ‘dead man walking’

*Kevin Ogletree– Laurent Robinson is already better and is our defacto 3rd WR

*I had Alan Ball on this list in my head, but the St. Louis game took him off it for now

That’s it for now, Have a great week everyone. Don’t start holding  your breath til Saturday.

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