We Want To Believe In The Dallas Cowboys


Why am I a Dallas Cowboys fan?

Most of America has a love/hate relationship with the Dallas Cowboys.  Most all the sports media mention them on a daily and weekly basis, even during the Cowboys bye week and even more-so when we lose. I can’t tell if the major sports networks and cable shows are rooting for the Cowboys to win or lose. The point is, they are rooting. Love ’em or hate ’em, the Dallas Cowboys are a ratings juggernaut. You’re either a fan of the Cowboys or you hate the Cowboys, but you’re always watching. The only folks that don’t have a strong opinion, one way or the other, are the most casual of football fans or those six Americans that don’t watch football at all. And even they know who the Dallas Cowboys are. Our fan base is far bigger than our hate base. This fan base — Me–You– all of Us,  are the reason I’m writing this.

There are some conceptions of the Dallas Cowboys:  Cowboy’s Stadium is known as Jerry World; Tony Romo is the Gunslinger, the next coming of Brett Favre; Jason Garrett gets called ‘the Red Headed Genius’; And, of course, we are known as ‘America’s Team’. Also, along with the hype of Tony Romo, are the perceptions of some of the other players. DeMarcus Ware, one of the best players in the entire League, is compared to Lawrence Taylor and on track to a Hall of Fame career. Same with Jason Witten, a perennial Pro-Bowl player. Dez Bryant has been anointed the next Michael Irvin. Did I mention Our Mad Defensive Coordinator with the lions mane, Rob Ryan? Most of the hype and conceptions are true (even the Dez Bryant one, but only in the first half of games this year).

And everything is definitely bigger in Texas, especially in Dallas (have you been to Cowboys Stadium? Its freakin’ huge!). The Dallas Cowboys are, after all, the most valuable sports franchise..in the World.  Let that sink in for a moment.

There is  potential surrounding the Star everywhere you look. We’re not short on bravado or hype, history or talent. What we are short of is: accomplishment, particularly in the last 15 years. More particularly, this year.

A lot of us dumbfounded fans have already begun rationalizing our 2 – 3 record. We weren’t supposed to beat the New England Patriots anyway, they were favored by 7 and score more than 30 points a game. They have Tom Brady! Ooohh! We rationalize, because you and I both know that we believed we could win in Foxborough. We should have won. Like the other two games we lost this year, we had the ability and the opportunity to win them all. This team, our team could easily be 5 – 0 as we sit here today —  In-spite of all the injuries — In-spite of all the interceptions. Our Defense can’t close out games. Our Offense  can’t put the nail in the coffin. I’m not sure we know how to win.

Its becoming a little bizarre.

How can there be so much talent, yet so little results? Who’s fault is it? How many fingers can be pointed? I want to blame somebody. I want a smoking gun, but I’m not going to get one.

You Dallas Cowboys sure don’t make it easy for us fans.

Jerry Jones tells us this is the best team he’s put on the field in years and I want to believe that. The fans and many in the Sports Media want to believe that.

Jason Garrett says they will watch film, correct mistakes and get better and we all  want to believe that.

When Tony Romo says this team will win a Superbowl soon (they are certainly good enough), if we’re honest, we desperately want to believe that too.

So Jerry, Jason, Rob  and Tony — Figure this thing out. Find a way to start winning, playing up to your potential. You’re America’s Team for Pete’s sake! Don’t waste this great opportunity, all this talent. I want to keep believing what y’all are saying. I’m absolutely sure I speak for Cowboys Nation when I say: We Want To Believe In The Dallas Cowboys. And we do believe–still…But its getting tougher by the week.

Now for my Points and Observations:

I have only one this week… OK, two.

1. Man, that Dan Bailey is becoming quite automatic. Might be a little early, but its good to see our kicking game drop off the radar.

2. Every game we play leaves the wind knocked out of me. The circus music has died down (which is good), but now I can here ‘Crazy Train’ by Ozzy Osbourne playing in the background during each game — ‘mental wounds not healing, who and what’s to blame? I’m going off the rails on a crazy train’… Anyway, you get the point.

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