Ecstatic About Tony Romo’s Bold Prediction


Tony Romo was giving a normal interview as he does every Thursday. He was asked a question that any first year journalism student could have identified as a loaded question. Deion Sanders, former Cowboys player, has handed down some harsh criticism of Romo given his struggles. Sanders said, “Sooner or later, we’ve just got to quit guessing and assuming that this guy is the guy to get you over the hump and say, ‘You know what? This guy is always going to be great statistically, but he’s not that guy that can take you to where you want to go.’ And that’s the Super Bowl.” The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter wanted to know what Romo thought of Sanders’ statements; especially considering Sanders went out of his way to criticize Romo when he could have simply pointed out his poor play and not blindly guess on his future with no real facts to support his statement.  Tony has seen questions like this in past interviews and he always answers them the same. He will just dodge the question and compliment Deion as a great analyst and former player, right?

Romo completely broke character and slipped a Joe Namath-sized statement into his retort; and every Cowboys fan should be breathing a little bit easier this Sunday. Romo responded:

"“Every once in a while you hear things that come out, but that’s not something you search out, I mean, honestly, Deion is welcome to his own opinion about stuff. Deion is Deion. He is what he is. This team is going to win a Super Bowl at some point. It’s going to be exciting when that time comes. And when we look back, we’ll know who was on what side of the fence during the tough moments.”"

Hell, yes. Let’s break that down, shall we?

“Deion is welcome to his own opinion.” Translation, ‘Who cares about Deion’s opinion? I don’t.’ 

“Deion is Deion. He is what he is.” Translation, ‘He’s a loud mouth who goes out of his way to criticize me. I couldn’t care less.’

“This team is going to win a Super Bowl at some point.” Translation, ‘I want to say this year, but I don’t want to put my teammates in a bad spot. But yea, we’re winning it this year. And next year. And the year after that. I’m the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Am I supposed to not expect to win? Sorry, I do. We are going to win. And you suckers will all have to eat crow. All of you. Especially Deion.’

“And when we look back, we’ll know who was on what side of the fence during the tough moments.” Translation, ‘After I proclaim my intentions to go to Disney World, I will smile very big into the camera; and Deion will know that I am smiling directly at his dumb behind.’

Are the Dallas Cowboys going to win the Super Bowl this season now that Tony Romo has proclaimed it to be “someday?” The odds say no. Hell, I say no. However, would you want the starting quarterback on America’s Team to not believe that he was going to win the Super Bowl EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR? I don’t. I want Tony to believe in his heart that Dallas will march up Foxborough and handle the Patriots on their way to Indianapolis to win the franchise’s 6th Super Bowl title. Will it happen? Who knows? But would you want Tony to think any differently?

The best news in all of this is that Tony Romo still believes in himself when NO ONE ELSE does. This season, he has had two heroic victories against two division leaders but all any media outlet wants to talk about is his two historic collapses against a 5-0 Lions team and an underachieving 2-3 New York Jets team. Nearly all of the criticisms levied against him are fair. He has suffered some serious setbacks after two seasons of steadily losing his turnover habit. Yet, contrary to what all critics think of him, contrary to the media blitz, Romo continues to avoid the media “rush;” and not care that the blitz is coming again on the next down, too.

After the Lions loss, it appeared that Romo himself was losing the faith. Now, the 31-year old has proven that he has matured beyond the young kid that did not understand his mistakes truly mattered. Everyone, including yours truly, has spent the better part of two weeks piling it on the league’s most visible player and he does not care. He is as focused and iron-willed as he has ever been. He dismissed a “legend” who went out of his way to criticize him for ten minutes on an hour long program about 32 teams. He knows he has problems in his play that need fixing but it appears to not affect his confidence in the least. That is good news, Cowboys fans.

I admit that after a long time of defending Romo, I too, was losing the faith; but Tony is not worried about me, or you. He’s worried about winning a Super Bowl. It is to be decided if he can get it done but he has proven to this fan that he cares as much as I do. That is all we can ask, especially in today’s multi-billion dollar NFL.

Thank you, God. Thank you, Tony. Here’s to having Deion Sanders eat his words. Cowboys Nation is behind you, Tony Romo. Go Cowboys!

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