C. Joseph Wright's Weekly Poll This week's poll is dedicated to Chris Cooley and his recent at..."/> C. Joseph Wright's Weekly Poll This week's poll is dedicated to Chris Cooley and his recent at..."/>

Which NFL Franchise Do You Dislike the Most?


C. Joseph Wright’s Weekly Poll

This week’s poll is dedicated to Chris Cooley and his recent attempt to rekindle the Cowboys vs. Redskins rivalry.

As a Cowboy fan, I don’t just cheer for my team, I necessarily hate every other team. My loyalty to them is unwavering; my faith in them is beyond irrational. With the exception of long time greats like Dorsett, Emmitt, and LA, I won’t even allow myself to like ex-Cowboy players when they switch teams. I even hate rugby teams because they play a sport similar to football and they have no stars on their uniforms.

Despite my dislike for anything related to football that is not the Cowboys, there are some teams that I loathe more than others.

Truth be told, my animosity for some of the other NFL teams is, in reality, a compliment. There is no point hating teams that are terrible year in and year out.  So, yes, some of the teams made my list just because they are excellent teams.

To find out the specific reasons why I abhor each team, click on the link.

My most ferocious dislike is reserved for the other teams in the NFC East.

The Skins.

The is one of the best and oldest rivalries in the NFL for a reason. I remember a time when the Cowboys were playing horrible and I thought to myself, “Well, if Emmitt rushes for more than 1200 yards and we beat the Redskins twice, that is almost the same as a Super Bowl.”  The mere mention of John Riggins or the “Hogs” gets my blood boiling.

My favorite Redskin moment is Joe Theismann explaining in great detail to NFL films, based on his immense NFL experience, why there was no way that Emmitt would ever surpass Walter Payton’s record.  Great Call, Joe!

The Eagles

I think every Cowboy fan has hated Philly since Buddy Ryan, the Bounty Bowl, and that time in 1987 when Cunningham, despite leading 30-20 with less than a minute to play, faked a third consecutive kneel-down and instead threw a touchdown pass. Now there is DeSean Jackson.

There is also the less than gracious fans who regularly frequent the Vet. They have been known to throw snowballs at Santa Claus.

The Giants

I have loathed the G-Men ever since Eli Manning had the arrogance and audacity to refuse to play for San Diego. Then there was the time when Jeremy Shockey called Parcells a “homo”.  The Giants of the last few years are notorious for their trash-talking.

The Steelers

I grew up with an older brother who was/is a die-hard Steelers fan. When we were kids, he was Franco Harris and I was Tony Dorsett. Being three years older, he always won. I have never forgiven him.

There is also the fact that the Steelers won their 6th Super Bowl, which gives them more than the Cowboys.

 The Colts

My seething dislike for this club can be blamed on the media. When they starting comparing Manning, James, and Harrison to the triplets, BEFORE they ever won a playoff game, I took it as an unacceptable insult and I instantly began hating them. I have never gotten over that.

The Patriots.

I am not even sure why (it could be the multiple Super Bowls or his hot wife or his being on the cover of GQ), but Tom Brady just bugs me. Plus, there is the Spygate scandal.

The 49ers

The first year I started really watching football seriously ended with “The Catch.” My dislike for the 49ers really grew in the 1990s when it seemed that the Cowboys played them every year for the Super Bowl, but the NFL insisted on calling it the NFC Championship.

The Packers

They are the Super Bowl Champions, and they are 4-0.

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