Tony Romo Gives It Away, Can’t Defend His House.


Hope you enjoyed your 2 weeks at the Big Table, Tony. It’s back to the Kids Table with you!

Y’all know I like Tony Romo. He is my quarterback (and he has earned it). With Tony Romo we get heroic comebacks and devastating collapses. As Bill Parcells used to say , “It is what it is”… It sure is.

This is the Tony Romo era.

If we are keeping score, it’s Lions 34, Cowboys 30. The Dallas Cowboys are now 2-2. I’m gonna start keeping my own score, the only one that matters this year– The Romo score:

Goat–Hero–Hero–Goat through 4 games, making the Romo Score: 2 Heroes, 2 Goats and 12 more games to play. As blame goes, there has been very little team here. Tony won 2 games by himself and lost 2 games by himself. No wonder his ribs are broken.

Now for my random, and in no particular order, Points and Observations:

Is it out of line to place the blame of this loss on Jason Garrett? Why on God’s good earth is he calling passing plays with the lead we had?

One word: Deflating…Another word: Why?

If  Romo could tell the future, would he have had Bobby Carpenter in his wedding? You know Candice is saying “Bobby! You back stabber! I’m sending your gift back, I never liked it anyway!” Or something of that nature.

Romo is the perfect quarterback for the Video Game Era that coined the term: Epic Fail. (you are still my QB Tony)

Detroit was able to operate much better after Gerald Sensabaugh left the game.

Up 27-3, I knew it, and if you say you didn’t you’re lying. The lead was misleading and I wasn’t confident about it at all. This is not pessimism, its reality. And so it was.

On FOX pre-game show Terry Bradshaw had to pick between Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford. He chose Stafford because Tony makes too many mistakes and picks. Two thoughts here–one pregame, one post game. Pregame thought–Really Terry? Romo is the one quarterback most like Brett Favre, and you love this guy–your words “best QB ever”. Plus Tony Romo by stats alone disproves that ‘too mistakes and picks’ reasoning. Post Game thought–I see your point.

I thought the defense did a lot of good things but couldn’t stop Detroit at the end when we needed them to. The offense put too much on them at the end (they should have put it on them, but not this way.

If Romo keeps this up, how long before Rob Ryan punches him in the face? Let’s start the clock because I saw how mad Ryan was (at Romo, clearly) after the Jets game and now this one.

On that same note, as Dallas’ defense continues to improve, how much of a wedge is gonna be driven between the Defense and the Offense–specifically with Tony.

There is no ‘game management’ with Jason Garrett and Tony Romo…None! It’s

hit or miss, flash or fail. And, as I said after the Jets game, It’s tiring and it’s getting old.

These last 4 games are a perfect example that our offensive line cannot open holes for the run game consistently and we, in turn, rely too heavily on the pass. With only the clock to beat, Tony shouldn’t have thrown another pass after the first series in the second half. We would have won, even if the Lions would have scored on 3 or 4 of their possessions.

DeMarcus Ware did not have a good game.

Tony and Jason needed to recognize that they were going to the Laurent Robinson well too many times. He’s not Miles Austin guys!

Jason Witten is just incredible, every week! (Tony take notes..PLEASE!)

I still think Martellus Bennett is a waste of a roster spot, but Ogletree is creeping in there. I foresee a three way fight for biggest waste between Ogletree, Bennett and David Buehler. At this point, I don’t see any of  them on the roster next year.

If we suck it up the rest of the year (distinct possibility), There are two spots that need addressing in the first round–running back and QB. Our backs are not the answer and, like Green bay did with Aaron Rogers to hedge their bet with Favre, we should have someone in the wings to continue what we are building now. Jason Garrett has some changes to make in how he manages a game but he is building a solid foundation for a team to be good for years. May not be in time for Romo to be part of and you don’t want a good team ready to take the next step without a QB to lead them–like Minnesota or Oakland or Miami or (insert team here)

I have a lot to say this week, bye week or no, so check back often. Tell me I’m right on, or I’m full of  it.

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