Jason Garrett will bring change, Dallas won’t be the worst


It sucks living with a Lions fan. Especially now. What’s worse is that my loyal Detroit roommate can confidently say that his team is better than Dallas and all I can do is bite my tongue and cringe.

I certainly can’t argue with the numbers. The Lions are definitely off to a better start and the Cowboys seem to only be finding more ways to dig their own grave.

In fact every day, Dallas begins to look more like the 2006-07 Detroit squad. The team is off to a 1-7 start just like the 2006 Lions. And John Kitna found his way back into the pocket in Dallas like he did in Detroit. Who is the ex-Lion throwing to? That’d be fellow ex-Lion, one whom Kitna has thrown to before —   receiver Roy Williams.

I understand that you probably want to shoot me. How dare I ever compare America’s team to arguably the most underachieved franchise in the NFL? I’m not writing this to prove that the Cowboys are comparable to the Lions (trust me, I will never concede this argument to my roommate).

Instead I want to give you hope. I want you to understand that things are changing. The change is good. And good means that they will be better than the Lions, and more.

The change as everyone is quite aware is Jason Garrett. I hate to use the argument that he can’t be worse than Wade Phillips. But, well, he can’t be worse than Wade Phillips.

Garrett began writing his football saga at Princeton University. He played quarterback at Princeton for a year and then transferred to Columbia University. After that he transferred back to Princeton and finished off his collegiate career there. That says that he’s got a head on his shoulders, not much, but it’s a start.

Garrett acted as the quarterbacks coach of the Dolphins from 2005-06. He joined the Cowboys organization in 2007 as the offensive coordinator and was promoted to assistant head coach at the beginning of the 2008 season. He has shown talent as an offensive coordinator.

Garrett’s explosive offensive scheme led the Cowboys to a 13-3 season in his first year. Dallas fans saw a mix of intelligent and aggressive play calling. Most notably was the way Garrett used his receivers. I’ll never forget all the times that quarterback Tony Romo found tight end Jason Witten down the seam, just talking about it gives me chills.

Even up to last year, Garrett’s offense was arguably the most threatening in the NFL. They single-handedly won that game against the Saints in week 15, who was 13-0.

And though recently he has been criticized for not running the ball at times when he should, there is no question that Garrett has the smarts to use the offensive talent that the Cowboys have so blissfully ignored this season. My ultimate concerns are on defense.

Defensive players have said they don’t know him. Garrett has no experience playing defense or calling it. And there is no time for him to learn anything about the defense.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to address such an inquiry. I expect the Cowboys to do well with Garrett at the helm. But with a weak defense and little experience in the coaching staff regarding such matters, expect a lot of games to be good-ole backyard football, where the score is high and the last man with the ball takes home the win.

I just hope that is enough to garner at least one more win than the Lions, that’ll be a victory in my book.