Cowboys vs Eagles: Key matchups and X-factors in the battle of NFC East juggernauts

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Cowboys offensive and defensive X-factors vs Eagles

Offensive X-factor: Brandin Cooks

The Eagles are going to shade a lot of their coverage CeeDee Lambs' way which leaves Brandin Cooks in more one-on-one situations that he's going to need to win. The Eagles like to play a lot of man coverage and Cooks can use his precise route-running ability and quickness off the line of scrimmage to give Prescott a quick outlet to pick up yardage and start setting up the double move early in the game. The Eagles cornerbacks are quick enough to keep up with Cooks and if he can get a clean release off the line, he can beat either Slay or Bradberry.

It was very effective against Seattle last week and should be effective again this week against a bad Eagles secondary.

Defensive X-factor: Micah Parsons

If there was ever a game that Micah Parsons needed to assert his dominance it would be this game against the Eagles. Last time Parsons was able to get some pressure but became more frustrated about the lack of holding calls against the Eagles. This time around Parsons should have extra motivation to leave no doubt that he can and will have an effect on this football game.

Parsons is going to look to attack the Eagles' offensive line at multiple spots to find the better matchup and then exploit it to his advantage in this game.

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