CBS cuts away from Cowboys-Viking game during Dallas blowout

The Dallas Cowboys did come into this game as favorites, but it’s hard to imagine anyone thought America’s Team would absolutely destroy the 8-1 Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are, or were, the hottest team in football, and were coming off a miraculous upset, comeback victory in Buffalo.

Even if Dallas was going to pull this off, it certainly seemed like things would be close.


Things started quickly with a Micah Parsons strip-sack on Kirk Cousins. Although the first drive resulted in a field goal rather than a touchdown, it was all Cowboys from there.

From Tony Pollard’s multiple speedy touchdowns to Ezekiel Elliott looking like he never missed a game to Brett Maher’s heroism to the impressive play of the defense, Dallas proved to the doubters that the game against Green Bay was just a bad day.

After hearing all week about how the Cowboys should fear Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson, both were held to minimal numbers through the first three quarters of football.

In fact, the game became so boring that CBS decided to literally turn off the nationally broadcasted game between the two NFC teams.

CBS cuts away from Cowboys-Vikings broadcast amidst major blowout with more than a quarter of football to play

For CBS to cut away from this game before the third quarter was even over just shows how dominant Dallas was in this game.

As the broadcast cut away from the game in Minnesota, broadcaster James Brown literally said “we are going to take you to a more competitive matchup.” Yikes. That’s embarrassing for the Vikings.

Many Cowboys fans were not happy with the decision. Blowout or not, fans wanted to watch their team absolutely obliterate a team that is supposed to be amongst the best in football. This was a game many expected them to lose, and instead, they dominated.

Even if people didn’t get to see the rest of the game, it’s clear that the Cowboys will now end Week 10 with a record of 7-3 and get to release the gas pedal a bit ahead of a short week before their Thanksgiving matchup with the New York Giants. This was a massive win for America’s Team.