Jerry Jones comments on Dan Quinn’s chances of being Cowboys HC

It’s hard to know what to believe whenever Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks to the media. One week he declines to confirm Mike McCarthy’s future with the team. The next week McCarthy was always going to be the 2022 HC and he was in on all the plans. You never know with Mr. Jones.

While speaking to the press at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama, Jones was asked whether he believed Dan Quinn could be a head coach for the Cowboys. Interpret his answer however you please:

“He’s certainly qualified. He’s very qualified. Yes, I would consider. If I didn’t have a coach, I would have been interviewing him for coach.”

When Jones re-signed the defensive coordinator for 2022, he did say that Quinn would be with the team for many “years to come.” But did he mean as a defensive coordinator or as a future head coach? The owner claims that the plan was always to stick with McCarthy and that nobody worked harder to keep Quinn around than the head coach himself.

What does Jerry Jones saying Dan Quinn is qualified to coach the Cowboys mean for Mike McCarthy’s future?

Poor McCarthy. First, he has to deal with Sean Payton (a man who Jones has always loved and tried to bring to Dallas) retiring and not denying coaching in the future. Now, his owner is saying that the team’s defensive coordinator would be great for his job. It’s something new every day.

Then, Jones decided to continue his quote as if he wasn’t already stirring the pot:

“[Quinn] stays here because there always has been, with every coach, every one of those three coaches, have said they’d love to be the head coach of the Cowboys. Every one. Every one. So my point is that has, in my mind, a lot of logic as to why they might not take a job now rather than one or wait and see how the cards go in the future.”

Is Jones implying that the reason Quinn declined other head coaching jobs or re-signed with the Cowboys is that Quinn thought the possibility of becoming a head coach was on the table? Jones went on to say, “Mike knows that someday, somebody other than him will be coach of the Cowboys.” Okay. Sure. But in ten years? Or next year?

We are just patiently waiting for the day when a Jerry Jones press conference doesn’t leave people with more questions than they started with. But Jones is right. Quinn is a very qualified candidate. Hence the reason he was asked to interview with seven different teams. Who knows what his future with the Cowboys will be?