Dallas Cowboys: A few bye week bite-sized bullets

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Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Cowboys
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Cedrick Wilson should not lose wide receiver reps when Michael Gallup returns

This may come in as my unpopular take. I have seen both sides of this. Michael Gallup has proven a deep threat throughout his career and is undoubtedly talented. Gallup will absolutely contribute to this team this season and likely in very big, crucial ways.

This is more of a “Cedrick Wilson is in a groove right now and let’s not mess with it” type situation for me versus “don’t play Michael Gallup.” That statement comes from my playing experience. It didn’t have to be huge stats or crazy plays, sometimes a quarterback just has it going with his guy and it shouldn’t be messed with.

He has a special chemistry with Dak Prescott. All I needed to know was told to me when Dak trusted Wilson to haul in the most important completion of the game against the Patriots on fourth down to stay alive. You don’t go to someone in that situation unless there is a next-level trust there. Wilson has also ran the ball, thrown it, and 10 of his 14 catches, an astounding 71%, have resulted in a first down.

The next five weeks will determine a lot about this Dallas Cowboys team

The next five weeks for the Cowboys go: at MIN, DEN, ATL, at KC, LV.  Nearly every team in this stretch is at least a .500 ball club, aside from Atlanta, who is 2-3 and playing the Dolphins this weekend and could very well be 3-3. This stretch is sneakily difficult and could show us who the Cowboys are.

Three of the games are the crossover games against the AFC West headlined by the matchup against the Chiefs. While these teams have these records now, they are a bit deceiving. Denver is reeling and Las Vegas is on a 1-2 skid. The Cowboys need to run through these five games at worst 3-2, if not 4-1. Gives me wins over Minnesota (it’s Kirk Cousins in primetime, c’mon), Denver, and Atlanta.

The Chiefs and Raiders become tossups. I would be pleased with a split there, but really like the Cowboys on Thanksgiving over the Raiders. That said, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have shown cracks in the armor. I’m not saying, but I’m not NOT saying…

I predict a 4-1 stretch run here by the Cowboys to continue separating themselves from the NFC East and inching closer to a higher playoff seed.