Dallas Cowboys: Qualified experts invoke ‘Primetime’ with Trevon Diggs

Dallas Cowboys, Trevon Diggs (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys, Trevon Diggs (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Joseph Patronite/Getty Images) /

For Cowboys fans though and especially of a certain ilk, the kind of production that the takeaway artist formerly known as Trevon is putting up has only been reserved for one man in Cowboys lore (we don’t acknowledge San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, and lord knows wherever else around these parts… ok, slightly):

… Primetime, Neon Deion, *Heel Skip-*Heel Skip-*Double Heel Skip-*Double Heel Skip…

The Man, the myth, the legend, Deion Sanders. Well and (admittedly) though not fully him yet but almost, right now anyways, Diggs is approaching a territory where we can logically begin to ask that question.

Is he on his way to becoming that… or at least something close? Well, that remains to be seen and while if he keeps on this trajectory, he will be, there are some that are invoking those words and thoughts right now.

Here’s the kicker though. That some… just so happens to be some of those most qualified to do it, a couple of Cowboys Legends and a guy that just so happens to be one of the guys that fact-checks the Cowboys grocery list.