Dallas Cowboys Spooky Game Part 1: Which 8 players are gone at season’s end?

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Cowboys cornerback Anthony Brown has taken the brunt of any Cowboys slander this season. It is hard to argue with them as he has been picked on early and often this season by opposing quarterbacks. It is also hard to see the production opposite starting cornerback Trevon Diggs has done and expect similar results from Brown.

Picking on Brown might be the only thing opponents can do against this surprising defense. Stopping the run has been much better this season and not throwing to Trevon Diggs might become a Dallas narrative at the end of the year.

Dallas Cowboys: Let’s Play the Game

Anthony Brown is the clear favorite for Cowboys starter who has underachieved this season so I have to look to replace him. Would you release Brown after the season?

Brown is the current starter but opposing quarterbacks have much better results attacking him rather than the youngster Diggs. Moving on from Brown after the season with one more year left on his deal is the same no matter how he leaves.

Cutting or trading Brown at any time after the season leaves $1.5 million in dead cap space. It does however create $5 million in cap space. Is Brown going to be worth the $6.5 million cap number he carries next season or is this Brown’s last season with the Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys: The Verdict

I personally think Brown would be better if he was in the Jourdan Lewis role. Lewis has played sparingly and a reduced role could result in a more effective Brown. I do not want to totally move on from Brown but his price tag is way more than I am willing to play a person of his caliber.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just paid veteran cornerback Richard Sherman around $2.5 million for this season and potentially paying Brown more than double that amount next season instantly makes me clench my teeth.

I would approach Brown about a reduced role and a reduced salary but that could be the conversation that speeds up his departure. He could also be amicable to that and realize his big payday might not come after this opportunity.

A 29-year-old cornerback who was just released by his team isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement on the free-agent market. I would attempt to keep Brown at a lower salary but moving on from him after the season shouldn’t drag into the open free agency period.