Why the Dallas Cowboys will win the comically bad NFC East

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports) /
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CeeDee Lamb, Dallas Cowboys
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The Philadelphia Eagles are entering an interesting year, to say the least. Their past cap maneuvers forced the team to shave salary which meant there were plenty of departures from a talented Philadelphia roster.

The team has done a good job of setting themselves up for the future by acquiring multiple early draft picks yet the opening press conference of new head coach Nick Sirianni was as bad of a start as one could get off to. Sirianni gets caught up when talking about  “systems” and is instantly roasted on social media and various news outlets.

Sirianni could be someone the team would like to grow with or is the built-in scapegoat the Philadelphia front office planted to have an escape for what is clearly the beginning of a rebuild.

His roster still appears to have somewhat of their core remaining yet their quarterback situation isn’t as set as some might think. Jalen Hurts appears to be the starter at quarterback although the team could be looking to upgrade the position if he fails early. The team’s backup quarterback Joe Flacco made some interesting comments when he was with the Broncos.

Joe Flacco in Denver had a remark that it wasn’t his job to mentor young quarterback Drew Lock. I would assume his mentality is the same up in Philadelphia as he continually called the quarterback room a competition.

A quarterback competition in Philadelphia would be an absolute disaster but their offensive line is still pretty formidable. The tight end situation with Zack Ertz is head-scratching to say the least but if he stays, the team has some weapons at the position.

Their wideout group is one that is based more on hope than actual production. Not a single wideout the team employs has ever had a 1000 yard receiving season in the NFL. I think it’s safe to say the team regrets passing on Justin Jefferson in last year’s draft in favor of Jalen Reagor. Minnesota drafted Jefferson right after Reagor with the 22nd pick.

I won’t even mention the fact the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb was clearly the wideout most fans wanted in Philly during the 2020 NFL draft.

The defensive line is still anchored by star defensive tackle Fletcher Cox yet there are whispers that he could be traded as he enters his tenth season in the NFL. Defensive tackles take a beating inside on a daily basis so a team trying to rebuild should at least get feelers to see what kind of return they could possibly get.

Cox is getting older so a trade now will result in the team netting the highest possible return. The mere mention of this suggests the team is in full rebuild mode. Getting something for someone who could be starting to decline is much better than hanging on to a player a year too long. Cox is far from done but he might be starting the downhill journey.

The rest of the defensive line is capable of putting pressure on a quarterback so Philadelphia might not be ready to give up on him just yet. The players the team employs behind the defensive line are interesting.

I hate to say this but what I see is what I see. Philadelphia could possibly have the worst linebacking group in the NFL. PFF somewhat shares my opinion although they give them a higher mark than I would have.

The acquisition of cornerback Darius Slay and safety Anthony Harris feel like players that could be trade candidates if the team stumbles out of the blocks. They could also lead players if the team starts off strong.

Philly is a team that had a bad an injury situation last season that is now led by a rookie coach who inherits an older team with a really bad cap situation which is why I have the Eagles finishing last in the division.

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The Dallas Cowboys have clearly started off training camp better than those in their Division. There is still a long way to go but early indications show the Dallas Cowboys are clearly the best choice in winning what is comically becoming the worst division in the entire NFL.